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    10 June 2023

    Things I Love… Lauren

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    Hey there, it’s Lauren! Hoping you’re having a good weekend? I, for one, love weekends.

    Recently, I’ve been putting all my time and energy into the design and styling of our new HQ and warehouse, but that’s not all I have been thinking about. I thought I could make this a regular thing, and share some things i love with you, and basically write whatever I feel like. No plans, no rules, no expectations – just me and the blog.
    Honestly, blogs don’t have to be all formal do they! I want this to be a place where I can connect with you all, riding the waves of life, sharing positive and challenging moments from my perspective. 
    So, Today, I’m sharing (totally random) five things that I’m absolutely loving right now!

    Contrast therapy is my new love!
    I work out to maintain good health and saunas are a regular part of my routine, but I often feel drowsy afterwards and struggle to stay in for long.
    That’s where contrast therapy shines – seriously, it makes me feel completely alive! A buddy of mine put me onto this, and I can still recall my first day. After sweating it out for 15 minutes in a sauna, I jumped into a cold ice bath. I have to admit, I underestimated how hard it was, but the competitor in me came out and I stayed there for a good 4 mins.
    Once it’s done, you feel ready to take on anything the day throws your way. Now, I always try to fit it into my schedule every week.

    I’ve definitely been Ted Lasso’d – haha!
    One of Ted’s catchphrases is “Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.” Sounds too idealistic and weirdly sentimental, but the main character turns it into action and proves it works.
    The show follows an American football coach who lands a job coaching an English Premier League Football team, spinning a memorable story about football, friendship, and fatherhood. The characters are funny, intriguing, and slightly deep, making for surprising connections and laughs. Although it’s all fiction, with its upbeat humour, Ted Lasso is one of those rare TV friends you just can’t help but love. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet, give it a go. It’ll put a smile on your face and comfort in your heart.

    Rest is a priority!
    My kids have both been sick over the past month, and at the worst time as well. But, I always try to see the positive in anything I do… and do you know what? It made me realise that there should be a higher priority and importance placed on downtime. My big win for the year has been becoming better at slowing down and prioritising rest.
    I know rest is a luxury, but it’s also essential; it sharpens my thinking, improves my decision-making, and helps me be more efficient. Moreover, I’m less grumpy, which, let’s face it, makes me a nicer team player, ha-ha. And there’s health and wellness to consider – whenever I’m properly rested, I tend to make healthier choices.

     I mean, who doesn’t love a trench coat?
    It’s a total essential in my wardrobe. I’ve got over 10 of them, and the collection keeps growing. I have them in every price range, from dirt cheap to designer. But honestly, I wear them all! Maybe it sounds boring, but I think it’s just smart to know what looks good on you. And honestly, what’s not to love about trench coats? You can dress them up with a little black dress, or down with jeans. They make you look put-together, no matter what the weather’s doing.

    I’ve been dreaming of starting my tea business. I’ll call it ‘Hot Stuff’ (haha). 
    The most common question I get asked is, “Why do you love tea so much?” 
    To be honest, I could go on forever about the reasons why I love tea. It’s pretty much all I ever drink. If I’m not drinking water, I’m drinking tea or some kind of tea-infused drink. My favourite is English breakfast with nutty brews. For me, tea is happiness in a cup.

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