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    16 June 2023

    Striking a Balance: Planning Ahead vs. Going With the Flow

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    We live in an era where planning has become the norm. Our schedules are packed with tasks, meetings, and appointments, and we barely have time to catch a breath. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, our day is planned to the smallest detail. Planning helps us anticipate how we have to divide our energy and make the most of our skills.

    But somewhere along the way, we have forgotten to live in the moment. We’ve become so consumed with setting up things for the future that we’ve forgotten to appreciate the present. We sometimes plan so much that we have forgotten the joy that comes from spontaneity. Being spontaneous means not just living in the moment, but also appreciating the small things in life that we tend to overlook while planning our daily lives. While planning has its advantages, it can also become a source of anxiety and stress if things don’t go as per plan. We become frustrated when our perfectly planned day falls apart, and we don’t know how to cope with it.

    Planning is essential, but we must not forget about spontaneity. We need to add a bit of it to our lives, engage our minds in ways that we haven’t planned for, cultivate new hobbies and passions. It is not suggesting that we let go of planning altogether, but finding a balance between planning and spontaneity.

    If you’re someone who loves to plan everything to perfection, try taking small breaks during the day to experience something new. A quick lunch at a local café or taking a walk around your office complex can help you embrace spontaneity and break the monotony of your planned day. Similarly, if you’re someone who loves going with the flow, try incorporating a basic to-do list to help you stay organised and be accountable for your work.

    The key is to know that we have planned the best we know-how, but we must also expect that things don’t always turn out as planned. Sometimes, we fail, and that’s okay. Trying to plan every stage of our lives is tricky and unhealthy. We must plan for the best, but we should not be annoyed or disturbed when those plans don’t work out.

    Balance is the key. It helps us move forward, stay focused, and gives our life a clear direction to go. Spontaneity helps us achieve more and experience true pleasure in life. Finding a balance between planning and spontaneity is essential for personal and professional happiness. It fosters personal accountability, requires hard work, devotion, and tenacity to achieve our goals.

    Let us not forget to live for today and enjoy every moment. Life is unpredictable, and that’s what makes it beautiful. A perfect balance between planning and spontaneity will help us cherish every moment and accomplish more than we ever imagined.

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