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    5 January 2023

    The dos and don’ts of selling your home

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    Despite sensational headlines and news of a tough market, buyers have continued to push ahead with the purchase of homes, with some experts indicating that the decline in house value has been stabilising since August 2022. This has given people a number of reasons to consider listing their homes for sale now.

    If you are among those aiming to sell your property soon, check out our list of dos and don’ts for all the helpful hacks you need to sell your home faster (and for a higher value). 

    Want to sell your home faster? Do: Get expert advice 

    Comparison is usually the thief of joy, except when it comes to selling your home faster! In fact, a quick comparison between your home and similar properties in the area – through both property reports and the expertise of an agent – is vital to achieving an objective view on the value of your home. 

    Arming yourself with this information can reduce the risk of pricing yourself out of the market, ensure your sales expectations are reasonable for the current market, and ultimately help sell your home faster. 

    Don’t wait ‘til spring

    While the months of September through November are traditionally considered the best time to sell in Australia, don’t be too deterred if you have missed the moment. Autumn can also be a great choice.

    Although often overlooked for its slightly sunnier seasonal counterpart, autumn is generally the time when people farewell the chaos of the silly season, return to work and seriously focus on bringing their new year’s resolutions to life – including those pertaining to property ownership.

    This means that March to May is an excellent time to list your house if you hope to get that auction hammer dropping sooner rather than later. And, although the cooler weather may currently feel like it’s a while way, we highly recommend taking some time at the top end of 2023 to prep your home for an autumn listing.

    Do follow these housekeeping rules

    Seeking to sell your home faster, but for the best price possible? One proven way is to buoy buyer interest. Among the simple steps you can take to prepare your house for the market is to invest in the services of an experienced property stylist – such as our very own Styled to Sell team.

    As well as the general decluttering, cleaning and home improvement work that is usually undertaken to ensure a house looks its most presentable and aspirational, property styling can help you maximise the value of your home. This is especially true when you engage experts who truly understand the market.

    Due to the practical elements of the staging process (often including a proposal, clear design direction, curated furniture selection and of course actual execution), property styling is one of the best investments you can make to help sell your home. 

    Time and again, homesellers enlist the services of professionals as they know how to create an emotional connection with potential buyers – the kind that convinces people that your house could be their dream home.

    For evidence of the effectiveness of property styling, consider that we’ve styled over 6,000 properties for sale and 95% of those homes achieved a successful return on investment.

    Don’t scrimp on a pro photographer 

    Finally, with elevated interiors in place, don’t undo all of your good work by engaging in an amateur photographer for your sales campaign. Instead, capture the beauty of your abode at its best – and showcase it to potential buyers through the lens of an experienced professional. 

    Whether you splurge on a world-class shutterbug or rely on a friend who is an aspiring Ansel Adams, well-taken photos can be a key tool in your “quick house sale” kit. In fact, according to a recent industry survey, 99% of real estate agents agreed that top-tier photography contributed to increased interest in listings!

    At BOWERBIRD, our specialist teams are on hand to help your sales listing stand out. Find out more about our Property Styling service and how it can boost buyer interest in your property: 02 9531 2233 or

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