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    26 June 2024

    Making the Most of Your Living Room: Design Insights

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    Transforming your living room into an inviting space can be achieved easily with a few thoughtful design choices. Here are some of our favourite living rooms that we have styled from our recent Property Styling projects which illustrate how you can make the most of your living room.

    Bateau Bay: Visual Interest with Simplicity

    In a recent Property Styling project in Bateau Bay, we selected a couch that served as a focal point to add visual interest. The design of the couch itself was a statement, so we kept the surrounding styling simple to let it take centre stage. Above the couch, we hung artwork that brought in a splash of colour and personality, creating a balanced and engaging look. This approach ensured the space felt inviting without being overwhelming.

    Newtown: Embracing a Moody Palette

    For a home in Newtown, we embraced a moody colour palette to complement the house’s finishes. To optimise seating without overcrowding the space, we introduced occasional chairs instead of another full couch. This maintained an open feel while providing additional seating. The coffee table styling was kept minimal, allowing the moody tones to dominate. An off-centre artwork above the couch added an intriguing focal point, enhancing the room’s character.

    Surry Hills: Monochrome 

    In Surry Hills, we opted for a monochrome design to suit the inner-city Design Direction. To break the monochrome scheme and add vibrancy, we included pops of colour in the styling, such as an orange coffee table book. A black and white print introduced a classic element, while minimal accessories kept the look sleek and contemporary. This approach allowed us to create a stylish, modern living room with a touch of boldness.

    Each of these projects showcases how thoughtful design choices can transform a living room. Whether it’s through the use of a standout couch, a moody colour palette, or a monochrome scheme with vibrant accents, these examples illustrate the power of combining style and functionality. By integrating these elements into your own living room, you can create a space that is both inviting and full of personality.

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