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    28 July 2023

    Fragrance – A Must for all Interior Spaces!

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    Have you ever walked into a beautifully designed hotel or home and thought everything looked perfect, but something still felt missing? Despite the right choice of colours and furniture, the space didn’t feel warm or inviting enough. How could something so flawless still feel incomplete? Well, the element that’s missing is fragrance or smell.

    Space may please our eyes, but it fails to engage our sense of smell. Though intangible, fragrance is the missing puzzle piece that brings all the visual and sensory elements together. Interior design and fragrance go hand in hand, as scents breathe life and atmosphere into every space. By using different aromas, you can enhance the aesthetic and function of each room, creating a complete sensory experience as you move throughout the interior spaces.

    You know what’s interesting? Brands, whether they’re into retail, hospitality, or commercial ventures, go all out when it comes to picking fragrances for their spaces that customers interact with.

    Why, you ask?

    It’s because us humans, we can relate to fragrances, just like how we process visuals faster – and I mean really fast! Fragrances leave this special mark in our minds. It’s like a distinct memory that sticks around. Like how a particular scent can take us back to our childhood or remind us of something from our past. It’s because we tend to hold onto scents and visuals more.

    Fragrance is the element that brings together all the visual and sensory elements in a room. It’s like a secret ingredient of interior design, breathing life and atmosphere into every space. With different aromas, you can level up your interior aesthetic and even customise the function of each room, creating a complete sensory experience as you move around.

    Fragrances have a superpower! They shape our vibes in every room of our homes. Think about it, a relaxing scent for bedrooms, a focused aroma for work stations, or a lively fragrance for living areas. – it’s beyond just adding a ‘smell’ with candles or diffusers. It’s more like when we layer perfume on our bodies, but for our living spaces.

    With its incredible ability to evoke emotions and trigger memories, fragrance plays a vital role in how you feel within your own home – and it also affects how your guests perceive your space.

    We are not suggesting you go purchase the most expensive of fragrances! No no, but you can weave layered scents around your home, through natural ways.

    One cool trick is to boil water with herbs and citrus rinds for a fresh aroma.

    Plants are the ultimate natural fragrances, and they’re less likely to trigger allergies compared to artificial scents. Use plants, botanicals, and flowers to add natural fragrances throughout your space. Place pots of fresh or dried herbs and flowers in each room, choosing scents that complement the room’s purpose.

    Oh, and we can’t forget the magic of a freshly baked loaf of bread. Not only will it make your kitchen smell heavenly, but it’ll also keep your tummy satisfied.
    Just one thing to note when using diffusers – be careful near fabrics like linen, towels, or clothes. You don’t want them absorbing scents that might clash with your wardrobe.
    Now go on, create your own little aromatic oasis!


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