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    3 September 2021

    How to style: a coffee table

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    Despite not being the biggest piece of furniture, the coffee table pulls focus in any living room.

    The way you style your coffee table can set the tone for the rest of the space. How do you want to style your living room centrepiece? Here are just a few foolproof ideas…

    Curate your coffee table

    We believe styling a coffee table should be kept minimal yet functional. Remember that this is an opportunity to showcase some mementos which means something to you – and all the rest can be stored away. Don’t be afraid of a little space!

    Try asymmetrical balance

    The easiest way to achieve a casual-chic look is with asymmetrical balance. Don’t try to make your accessories too matchy-matchy, instead try to balance the visual weights of objects with different shapes, sizes and textures. For example, a tall but light-coloured vase pairs great with a dark-hued coffee table book.

    Display in a tray

    A simple tray not only draws attention to the accessories you’ve decorated your coffee table with. It also helps to keep everything in place. We recommend a contrasting scheme; if the table is dark choose a light tray, if it’s a velvet ottoman opt for sleek metal, and so on.

    Lay items low

    You don’t want to obstruct anyone’s view when they’re sitting down in your living room. So try to stick to low-lying accessories such as books, dishes, shells and other trinkets. As a general rule of thumb, the coffee table (and its styling) should be about the same height as the sofa cushion.

    Practical vs. ornamental

    Some coffee table accessories such as sculptures and vases serve no other purpose than to be pretty – and that’s perfectly fine. But also take care to remember decor that can double as functional everyday items, including coasters, coffee cups, bowls and water pitchers. 

    Go with the seasons

    One of the best things about coffee table styling is that it is so easy to change up when you want to – no heavy lifting involved. So don’t be afraid to experiment with the seasons. A statement conch shell during summer, bright flowers during spring, warming potpourri during autumn, cosy candles during winter… you get the gist.

    Make it personal

    Showcase your personality and interests on your coffee table. Decorate with a vase of your favourite flowers, a special book or a gift from a loved one. After all, the best kind of interior styling is concerned with not only how a room looks, but how it makes you feel.

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