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    22 November 2022

    Why it pays to book your property styling early

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    With 2023 just around the corner, now’s the time to kick-start your intentions for the new year. While others may be winding down for the festive season, you can get ahead of the game by making progress on major projects. If you’re set on selling your home in 2023, here’s why it pays not to put off your plans.

    Like many of us, you probably start the year with great intentions and grand illusions of getting ahead across all areas of your life (health kicks and gym memberships ring any bells?). Say it with us now – 2023 will be the year you leave long to-do lists behind and start ticking off the most important tasks early. 

    If selling your home is on the cards, go ahead and lock in your property styling now and we’ll give you free hire weeks until the start of your sales campaign! Consider it an early Christmas present.

    Enjoying weeks of expertly-styled interiors at no extra cost is not the only benefit on offer. You’ll be tapping into an experienced team of interior designers who know how to make your listing stand out. In tougher market conditions, this is more important than ever.

    We know what it takes to get your home sold faster, and for a higher value. We’ve styled over 6,000 properties since 2013, with 95% of those homes achieving a successful return on investment.

    Get ready to start the new year in the most positive – and relaxing – way possible. Reach out to our team to book your property styling now and secure free hire weeks until your home hits the market. Drop us a message at or call us on 02 9531 2233 to find out more.

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