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    The secrets of styling a five-star hotel

    A five-star hotel experience is easy to enjoy but difficult to create. The very first thing you have to get right is the hotel room styling.

    Small space, big ideas

    Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have big ideas when it comes to styling your home. The focus should be to live lightly and avoid all clutter that can mess up your home and your mind.

    Art Deco in North Bondi

    Set in the iconic location of North Bondi this Art Deco block of apartments was sold in one line.
    The BOWERBIRD styling team drew inspiration from both the period features and the beach side surroundings to create a relaxed and eclectic sanctuary.
    The result exceeded all expectation.

    How to build a room around a statement piece

    If an interior feels ordinary and lacking, statement pieces are a beautiful and clever way to create a focal point, give the space some depth, and add some WOW factor. Whether it’s an intricate sculpture, a bold and bright artwork, a patterned rug, oversized light fitting.

    Why Interior Designers love mirrors

    Mirrors not only add a decorative element to an interior space but carefully executed, they can maximise the space, enhance the light, conceal storage, add opulence, create interest or magnify and reflect the beauty of any room or view.

    How to style with indoor plants

    If you don’t have an indoor plant in your house right now go out and get one (or five) as they work in every room and with every colour scheme – they are practically a neutral! Plants add colour, shape and life to a room, they are a powerful tool of design, plus they are useful as a space-filler or a standout feature in themselves.

    How to choose the right rug

    When kitting out your home, many people think of a rug as an accessory, an after thought, something to be purchased when almost everything else in the room is in place. But the truth is that almost nothing has as big of an impact on the look of a room as a rug.

    Trending now: Nude

    It’s no secret that blush pink interiors are all the rage at the moment. If you have stepped foot in your local Country Road or Adairs (and now even Kmart has cottoned on) in recent months you would know that the hue has been dominating the homewares division for some time now.

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