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    Kenthurst Residential Interior Design

    New Build Transformation: Immerse in Nature


    At BOWERBIRD, we recently had the pleasure of transforming a newly built home into a home that represents both luxury and warmth for a family nestled amidst picturesque acreage. Our task was clear: to harmonise the interiors with the natural landscape surrounding the property, infusing it with a blend of contemporary elegance and country charm.

    Embracing the essence of acreage living, we opted for a Light-Luxe design approach, accentuating the home’s light floorboards with tasteful black touches. The focal point of our design was the seamless integration of nature-inspired elements, echoing the lush surrounding environment that envelops the residence.

    Massive windows throughout the living and dining areas served as our canvas, inviting an abundance of natural light. To complement this luminosity, we curated a palette of soft linens and natural greens, evoking a sense of tranquillity and serenity reminiscent of the outdoors.

    For a family with children, functionality was paramount. We seamlessly merged practicality with style, ensuring every corner of the home exudes both comfort and sophistication.

    From the bespoke furniture selection to the carefully curated decor, every element was thoughtfully chosen to reflect the family’s lifestyle and aspirations. The result? A timeless home. At BOWERBIRD, we don’t just create spaces; we craft experiences to cherish for a lifetime. 

    We opted for a Light-Luxe design approach

    Embracing the essence of acreage living, we opted for a Light-Luxe design approach, accentuating the home's light floorboards with tasteful black touches.
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