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    We've always been about inspiring interiors

    We haven’t always had a team of more than 20 people, a massive warehouse or high-profile sales and media appearances. But we have always been about one thing – inspiring interiors. BOWERBIRD was founded by husband and wife team Lauren and Geoff Lewis, as a means for Lauren to express her love of interiors while raising a young family. Building a business from scratch – from a spare bedroom, no less – was no mean feat, but BOWERBIRD Interiors quickly grew based on a resounding purpose: to create inspiration.

    This wasn’t just about creating homes that were aesthetically pleasing or even achieving a successful return on investment. We learned that inspiring interiors are, first and foremost, about people. From building relationships with our clients, to instilling the beautiful details that evoke emotional responses, our approach puts human nature at the heart of what we do. After all, what inspires us most isn’t trade magazines or Pinterest boards or what other interior designers are doing. It’s the people in our lives – their dreams, desires, needs, plans, practicalities. We do it for you… to inspire your best life.

    BOWERBIRD has now evolved its offerings to help even more people get inspired by interiors. While we’ve always created homes that buyers love, we have extended our services to get our trademark look in your home permanently. So you can now discover the difference of “effortless life styling”, whether or not you’re selling. We are completely invested in each unique project, from the first consultation to the final finishing details. As we grow, our promise is to always remember where it all started from – a spare bedroom, amazing clients and a love of interiors.

    Experts in interiors
    What we are...
    Since the beginning, our purpose has always been to "create inspiration". BOWERBIRD homes spark the imagination, from your practical needs to your most aspirational dreams. We draw inspiration from architecture, surroundings, materials and, importantly, your unique lifestyle. Taking inspiration from life to capture homes you can see yourself living in – for life.
    We are the cutting edge of innovative interiors. With a team of over 20 and a large warehouse facility, we continue to evolve industry-first offerings, systems and infrastructure. Our inventory is continuously refreshed for that authentically modern look BOWERBIRD is so celebrated for. We don't chase trends, but set the standard for timeless style.
    Our expert stylists know how to get your home looking its best. BOWERBIRD Interiors has styled over 3,000 properties since 2013, with 95% of those homes achieving a successful return on investment. With extensive design and logistic experience, we specialise in property styling, market trends, colour consultation, project management and so much more.
    At BOWERBIRD, we don't hesitate to go the extra mile. Whether we're giving free styling consultations, risking our own money with our BOWERBIRD BLACK "pay on success" offering, organising services through ASSIST, or following up on the sale of your home, we love to help. Each project is considered individually for results that exceed your expectations.
    Create inspiration
    What we do...
    We aim to help you get the best possible price for your home. But our property styling is about so much more than the money. Our ultimate goal is to connect with people by understanding the deeply human emotions that make your house a home. We use our expertise to bring these details to life. Creating inspiring spaces. This is STYLED TO SELL.
    We have extended our styling services by sharing our interior design expertise with customers looking to reinvigorate their homes at any time, not just when they’re ready to sell. We consider all the details of your home, giving it the classic BOWERBIRD look – permanently. Wake up every day in an inspiring home you love. This is STYLED TO KEEP.
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