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Styled to Keep

The beauty of BOWERBIRD’s style in a property you own – permanently.

Styled to Keep

Love BOWERBIRD’s interior design style? Obsessed with our Instagram feed? We are now providing our customers with the opportunity to get the BOWERBIRD look, in a property you own.

Life styling. The BOWERBIRD way.

We are extending our styling offering by sharing our interior design expertise with customers looking to refresh and reinvigorate a property they own (and looking to keep) – not just when they’re getting ready to sell.

Property styling connects with human emotion and while this is undoubtedly important when you’re looking to sell a property – it’s arguably even more essential to feel inspired by the look of the property you own. With Styled to Keep, you can discover the beauty and satisfaction that comes with carefully curated furniture and a gorgeously styled property that you, or others that may be residing in the property, will enjoy year after year.


If you love the BOWERBIRD interior design aesthetic and have a mood board full of images that speak to the ‘BOWERBIRD look’ – Styled to Keep is the solution to your interior design vision. By opening up our property styling offering to include those looking to refresh the properties they currently own, our hope is that more people can discover the joy of “effortless life-styling”.


Our fully guided interior design service streamlines the process, for you.

We lovingly select the highest quality furniture and curate your property for a bespoke look you’ll love.

Our team of removalists, painters, cleaners and flooring specialists will be available to you through our ASSIST by BOWERBIRD service.

this is how we do it
What is the process?
Initial consultation
Our first step is to listen. We'll give you a call to say hi and get an understanding of what you are after and discuss our process with you. After the call, we may have additional questions for you (we want to get things right) and will followup with a short email with any additional questions.

Once we have all the information we need, we will be in touch to set-up your FREE home visit consultation. During this appointment, we’ll meet you at your home to discuss your objectives and get a feel for the space, and the overall look you’re hoping to achieve.

Within 24 hours of the home visit consultation, we will arrange a virtual meeting with all the decision-makers in the household (we don't want anyone feeling left out) and your BOWERBIRD team. During this digital face-to-face, we will go through every detail of your bespoke proposal - from initial mood boards, right down to rubbish removal.

Your proposal will then come in the form of an email link and will include inspiration imagery, a detailed list of the type of furniture pieces we envision for the space, and we will also provide you with the project fee. Our streamlined system means that, if you like what you see, all you need to do in order to proceed is click “Accept”.
Once you’ve accepted our proposal, we’ll be in touch to kick off the project. This will be based on furniture availability as well as the timeframes you have in mind in terms of when you’d like your home to be curated and styled. This is where things really ramp up and we get to work.

We'll do as much as we can in the background so that you never feel overwhelmed by the project. Our project teams run logistics and styling projects daily, so you can relax and have every confidence that every detail is being attended to.
This is the fun part! Once your home is ready to be styled, our interior design team and stylists will be on-site to transform your home. Don't be surprised if you see a whirlwind of people transforming your home on the day - it's all very carefully coordinated.

Once done, we'll be taking a couple of photographs of your new home (because we're really proud of the work we do). We'll be sure to send these onto you too.

Just be prepared – you may not recognise your home once it’s complete!

First step
Your free consultation
Let's get to know each other better

We know that there are many questions you’d love answered, and we are happy to answer them for you. We are happy to have an initial chat on the phone to get your thoughts and answer some initial questions.

Often it’s important to engage us in a free consultation first, so we can better answer questions tailored to your circumstances. We’re a friendly bunch who are here to help. No pushy sales tactics found here.

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