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    Bondi Commercial Property Styling

    Bondi Luxury Apartments

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    When our team received a brief to style six luxury apartments in the heart of Bondi, we were instantly excited by the blank canvas. Only moments from Sydney’s famed Tamarama and Bondi Beaches, we knew that the buzzy coastal location would influence the design details. However, this being a Property Styling project we collaborated closely with the client to pin down their inspiration and bring their vision to life.

    The apartments were to be reinvigorated and styled for the purpose of short and long-term stays. From the design concept all the way down to the details of the furniture and finishings, each space had to deliver on a promise – to provide comfort and convenience in a stylish setting.

    With a clear brief in mind, we set out to create three distinct looks for the properties; coastal luxe, an LA-inspired edgy cool, and our signature Moody Hues with dialled-up sophistication. We wanted to convey a looser kind of luxury, reminiscent of ocean breezes and memorable evenings spent at chic restaurants and beachside resorts. Could we capture that feeling and install it in each room so that guests would truly unwind during their stay?

    In order to achieve each look, we centred on natural light and the organic textures and tones of the local coastline. Throw pillows in deep greens and blues were set against cream soft-touch sofas and occasional chairs. Those colours were carried through the space with bold bed heads and patterned rugs. 

    A combination of materials and layers added to visual interest. Light linen sheets were laid out below richly-textured blankets, with woven bed heads and statement lamps as a striking backdrop. In the dining room, white marble features were accessorised with clay pots and a scalloped mirror reflecting natural light.

    For all six properties, we sourced custom artwork to tie in with the design directions and complete the look. A mix of wild landscapes, monochrome line art and other abstract pieces were carefully placed throughout the rooms.

    Our palettes delivered on elegance and elevation, far exceeding the expectations of the owners of this boutique accommodation – at Kahlo Bondi. Our interior designers were equally thrilled with the results and enjoyed the creative challenge.

    To find out more about our service for Commercial Residential clients and how we can create a bespoke furniture package for your needs, reach out to our team at or on 02 9531 2233.

    A looser kind of luxury

    We brought cool coastal vibes and breezy interiors to these luxury Bondi apartments, allowing visitors to truly unwind in each space.

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