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    1 November 2019

    8 tips for hiring tradies

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    Hiring tradies can be an uncertain and nerve-wracking process – particularly if you’re renovating your home for sale.

    Who can you trust? How do you handle each stage? Are you really paying the right price? If these questions prevent you from hiring tradies with confidence, follow our step-by-step guide. (Trust us, we’ve had plenty of experience in our time!

    1. Do a background check

    About a third of Aussies don’t check the licence of the tradies they hire. Big mistake! Anything that carries a safety risk must be licensed or you and your buyers are at risk of dodgy work. Also, make sure to ask for examples and/or references of previous work.

    2. Trust word-of-mouth

    Word-of-mouth is still the most popular and reliable way to find a good tradie. Ask your friends who they hired and if they are happy with the work. Online reviews and recommendations are also useful – just make sure they are detailed enough to give you the information you need.

    3. Set out the paperwork

    You should get everything in writing! While verbal contracts are still legally binding, trust us, a written quote will make your life much easier if anything goes awry. Ideally, you should get three different quotes (with a detailed cost breakdown) before deciding to go ahead. .

    4. Know what you want

    Make your requirements and vision very clear before commencing any works. If you don’t know what you want, neither will they! The detailed quote will help, but you can assist your tradie by showing them examples of work you’d like to replicate.

    5. Simplify your renovations

    If you’re selling your home, you may be surprised to hear that you don’t need to renovate everything. In fact, the only essentials are painting and flooring (given that the rest of your home is in good shape). Save your money and time – and get a nice boost on your final sale price.

    6. Be available

    Throughout the renovations process, you should be easily contactable to answer any questions or address any issues that crop up. It’s also worth, checking in regularly to ensure the work is being carried out as quoted. If you’re not available to your tradies, this can result in delays and mistakes.

    7. Insist on professionalism

    You’re paying good money for your renovations, so don’t let standards slide. Watch out for tradies with timeliness and communication issues. On the other hand, be professional by always paying for your services on time.

    8. Coordinate with others

    It takes a small village to sell a home – so make sure your renovations are scheduled around any other services you require. Removals, storage, photography, viewings… it’s a juggling act for sure!

    Want a complete solution?

    Don’t make renovations more stressful than they have to be. With ASSIST by BOWERBIRD, we take care of everything, hiring tradies you can trust and managing the entire process through one point of contact:

    • Removals and storage
    • Flooring
    • Painting
    • Cleaning

    We would love to hear how we can assist you in improving your home. You can either call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form.

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