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    How do you select the pieces for my home?

    Our experienced team of interior design experts and property stylists carefully select individual pieces for your home from our vast inventory. Every property is different and so we consider all the details – from your target market (especially if you’re selling) to your overall Design Direction – ensuring that the overall scheme from your home is complementary and cohesive.

    Where does all your furniture come from? +

    We own all our furniture, artwork and accessories and our collection is sourced from local suppliers and updated regularly to ensure it’s fresh and aligned with the Bowerbird aesthetic.

    What are your payment terms? +

    Our payment terms differ for each offering. Please see further details below:

  • For our Styled to Sell offering, payment is required upfront (unless combined with BOWERBIRD BLACK. See below.)
  • For Styled to Keep, we request a deposit of 50% upfront, with the balance to be paid prior to installation of the project
  • BOWERBIRD Black is our no-risk offering – meaning you only pay for your property styling once you sell, from your settlement. Find out more here.
  • For ASSIST by BOWERBIRD, payment is required upfront
  • Are your plants real or artificial? +

    We use high-quality artificial plants for property styling, otherwise, they tend to die during the campaign. We don’t work with outdoor plants.

    Can we pick our furniture? +

    To ensure a cohesive overall look, for “Styled to Sell”, we select all the furniture and don’t encourage our customers to select individual pieces. During the property styling process, you will be kept in the loop in terms of the selected Design Direction and your bespoke proposal will include examples of previous work utilising a similar scheme.

    For “Styled to Keep”, we tend to allow for a little more flexibility with a limited number of iterations. We will work really closely with you to ensure you get the BOWERBIRD look you’re after.

    Can we select our Design Direction? +

    During your initial “Styled to Sell” consultation, our Design and Relationship Manager will talk you through the Design Direction selected for your property. This will be based on what will be most complementary to your property, the location, demographics of the buyer you’re looking to attract, all to ensure it appeals to your prospective buyers. You can ask any questions about how it will all come together during this consultation.

    For “Styled to Keep”, we will work really closely with you to ensure you get the BOWERBIRD look you’re after. We’ll base these looks off of our Design Direction and ensure the end result is best suited to your lifestyle.

    How long is your standard hire period for "Styled to Sell"? +

    For “Styled to Sell”, our standard hire period runs for six weeks – typically charging for four weeks and offering two weeks free. This allows for a 4-week sales campaign with a week either side for photography and marketing to be arranged, as well as contract exchange at the end.

    Do you offer long-term hire periods? +

    Yes, for “Styled to Sell” we offer hire periods of up to 12 months. Please get in touch here to enquire.

    However, if you are looking for interior design and decoration for your own home, or retaining the furniture on a more permanent basis, “Styled to keep” could be right for you.

    Do I get a refund if my property sells sooner than expected? +

    Unfortunately not. Property styling is designed to help you sell your property as quickly as possible – for the highest possible price. We therefore regularly style properties that end up selling before the hire period expires.

    Who is my main point of contact? +

    Your Design and Relationship Manager will be your go-to person. They prepare your bespoke proposal and remain your best point of contact throughout the process.

    Does the Design and Relationship Manager I meet also install the furniture? +

    No. Your Design and Relationship Manager manages the process from proposal to installation – our property styling and project management teams take care of the install. Rest assured that your Design and Relationship Manager has ensured all the elements and details of your project have been briefed and clearly communicated. This ensures an amazing end result for you and your prospective buyers!

    Are the items that you place in my home also for sale? +

    We are always happy to discuss the sale of our furniture – please get in touch here to enquire about this service.

    What’s the difference between Styled to Sell and Styled to Keep? +

    Styled to Sell is our traditional property styling offering intended for those looking to sell their property. Find out more here.
    While Styled to Keep is intended for those looking to replicate the Bowerbird look in their home, permanently. Find out more here.

    What is ASSIST by BOWERBIRD? +

    With ASSIST by BOWERBIRD we’ve extended our traditional property styling offering to include a variety of elements that will assist you in your home improvement goals. From flooring and painting, to removals and storage and cleaning – we’ve thought of all the details covered. To find out more about ASSIST, please click here.

    I still have questions that haven't been answered, can you help me? +

    If we haven’t answered your questions above, or if you have any other query, let us know by getting in touch here