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Offering suspended:

Due to current market conditions beyond our control, BOWERBIRD BLACK has been suspended until further notice.

Pay On Success
If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t pay a cent.

More properties are being styled than ever before and prospective buyers have become accustomed to seeing properties styled to sell. As a result, property styling is no longer simply a ‘nice to have’ – it’s become essential. But to prevent you from being out of pocket, BOWERBIRD BLACK removes any upfront payment, ensuring that you only pay for your property styling, once your property sells – and only from your settlement. By doing this, we eliminate any risk for you.

• You only pay for styling when you sell your home – from your settlement
• We don’t take payment upfront – so you’re not out-of-pocket.
• If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t pay a cent – no risk.

With BOWERBIRD BLACK you get all the benefits of Bowerbird’s unwavering property styling service, backed by the peace of mind of our BOWERBIRD BLACK guarantee.

our promise

Unlike our regular BOWERBIRD property styling offering, BOWERBIRD BLACK requires no upfront payment from you. That means no deposit and no instalments.

With 91% of homes styled with BOWERBIRD BLACK going on to sell – we back ourselves and our guarantee. We wear the risk because if your home doesn’t sell, you don’t pay a cent.

When you decide to place your property on the market, we’ll come to you to assess your home, we’ll prep a bespoke proposal for you (that you can accept online!), then we’ll return to style your home for sale. It’s seamless and simple – for you!

Bowerbird Black
this is how we do it
What is the process?
At this initial appointment, we’ll meet you at your home to determine what is required in order to get your home ready for sale. We’ll discuss the Design Direction and layout best suited to your home so that you can be confident the styling will appeal to your target market and the demographic to whom your property will be marketed.
Within 24 hours of our appointment, we’ll touch base with your bespoke proposal. This will come in the form of an email link to a website – unique to you! The proposal will reflect all the details discussed at our initial appointment and include example imagery of the Design Direction and style we feel will best complement your home. At this stage we will also provide a summary of inclusions as well as some case studies to illustrate how our Property Styling offering works. Our streamlined system is interactive and means that in order to proceed, all you need to do is click “Accept”.
Upon acceptance of your proposal, we’ll be in touch to arrange all the finer details of your install. This will be based on your deadlines as well as our availability. We typically prefer to install a property the day prior to photography and ideally, 1–2 weeks notice is advised (although we are flexible!).
This is when the magic happens! On the day of your install, our stylists, operations team and BOWERBIRD trucks will be on-site to transform your home. While the process typically takes a few hours, it can take up to a full day, depending on the size of your property. When you return, just be prepared you may not recognise your home after its transformation!
Upon the sale of your property, or once your contract has expired, we will touch base to arrange the removal. We are happy to discuss extensions at any stage – although the good news is, they’re rarely required!
Once your property settles, we'll get paid for the property styling. And remember, if your property doesn't sell, you don't pay. There's no out-of-pocket and nothing more for you to do. It's that simple.
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