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    Immersive technology facilitating the viewing of your home

    Getting buyers and tenants through the front door, without the need for an open home.

    Virtual tour
    Virtual tours

    Inspire your potential buyers and tenants with a virtual walkthrough of your property

    COVID-19 is changing the way our communities operate – we need to be smarter and more digitally-savvy than ever before. And marketing your property is no different. Just because potential buyers and tenants can’t physically attend an open home, shouldn’t stop you from getting your home in front of the right people, at the right time.

    Virtual tours digitally display your home with intuitive and beautiful technology, that allows anyone to walk through your home as if they are there, measure up walls and floors, and view the floor plans from multiple angles.

    We’re ensuring that your home remains open for viewings.

    Ideal for COVID-19 open home restrictions
    Enables social distancing
    From booking to live on the web
    48 hour turnaround time
    Seamless and intuitive experience
    Immersive and interactive
    Give your property the stand-out it deserves
    Bolster your marketing
    What next?
    View a sample tour and book it in
    Take a tour with us now
    Try it for yourself and easily navigate your way through a sample tour.
    Virtual tours are uniquely engaging, simple to set up and look beautiful.
    Book your virtual tour setup
    Looking to set up a virtual tour of your home?
    Booking in our team of experts to set up your home as a virtual tour is quick and easy
    Our process
    Fast 48 hour turnaround time
    Submit your booking
    The booking form will take you 60 seconds to fill out, and with a simple click of the submit button, your booking will go straight to our specialist team for processing and payment.
    We'll be in touch
    Once your payment is complete, our team will be in touch to confirm details and coordinate the process of scanning your home. We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions you may have.
    Scanning the property
    Our specialist team is trained to be careful and respectful of your property and your time. Our aim is to be as efficient as possible, causing the least amount of disturbance to your day. In line with social distancing guidelines, we do ask that the property is vacated during the scan.
    Go live
    Once we've completed the scan, this is whisked off to our digital processing team who will package up the digital files. We will deliver a simple link to you in order to go live on your chosen websites.
    What will it cost?
    Pricing is dependent on the size of your property
    Property sizePrice
    Studio's & 1 Bedroom$250
    2 Bedroom$300
    3 Bedroom$350
    4 Bedroom $400
    5 Bedroom$450
    6+ Bedroom$500
    Frequently asked questions
    Why does pricing vary by the size of the property?
    This is pretty simple. The bigger the home, the more scanning is required. This takes just a little longer.

    What are your payment terms?
    We require upfront payment prior to the deployment of our team to your property.

    Is this service only available to BOWERBIRD Interiors styled properties?
    No. We are able to shoot any property in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

    How long will my virtual tour be live
    The link will be live for 90 days. If you need to extend this, just get in touch
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    Book your virtual tour setup

    Looking to setup a virtual tour of your home?
    Booking in our team of experts to set up your home as a virtual tour is quick and easy
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    Book me in

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