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    Meetings, interviews and onboarding with BOWERBIRD Interiors

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    Our Team

    Dreamers, doers, and designers of inspiration

    Just as BOWERBIRD Interiors’ purpose is to inspire our customers, we also endeavour to promote creativity and innovation within our team. As individuals, we each have a unique set of skills and expertise that is celebrated and supported by our colleagues – but it is when we come together as a collective that the magic happens.

    We are very keen on meeting new talent and good people.

    There is so much to look forward to when you join the team.

    The journey starts here.

    Below is an outline of the process we follow and how best to prepare for your meetings with us.

    What to expect on your BOWERBIRD journey
    The recruitment process
    Submit a CV and Cover Letter
    Send your CV and Cover Letter to specifying the role that you’re interested in. Alternatively, you can complete the form on our “Contact Us” page, adding your CV as an attachment.
    We’ll set up an initial call
    Once you’ve submitted your application, our People & Culture Team will be in touch for an initial chat to learn more about your experience and interest in this role. If all goes well and we’re a fit for each other, we will move to the next stage.
    Meeting with the P&C team and functional manager
    You will be invited to meet with our Head of People & Culture as well as the direct line manager - this is a great opportunity to ask as many questions as you can think of. It’s good to be prepared, and what we’ll be looking for here is:
    - Functional capability
    - Your demonstrable experience is in line with the role requirements
    - Your values and aspirations
    - To answer as many of your questions as possible
    Hurray, you’re almost there - a final interview
    You will meet with a leadership team member, and likely one of our founders during your final interview. What you can expect at this meeting is:
    - As a senior leader you may be presenting your view on the role
    - Get to know the founders of the business
    - Understanding the vision for the business more broadly
    - Understanding your contribution to the vision of the business

    If you are a senior recruit i.e. managing a function or team, you may be asked to put together a 90-day plan for how you think your role can make an impact. We value your perspective, opinion and thought process. This really provides us with an insight into capabilities, fit and strategic thinking that’s required for senior roles.
    Congratulations, you will receive an offer
    All has gone amazingly well and we are ready to offer you the role. Our Head of People & Culture will take you through the details of the offer and answer any questions you may have.
    Getting you on board
    We will send you your contract and employment documentation once you’ve accepted our offer. Plus we’ll sign you up for our employee portal that facilitates a smooth and easy onboarding process. This includes details about your first day and first week, as well as how you will be set up for success in your first 30, 60 and 90 days.
    What will you experience when you join our team?

    Welcome aboard

    You will feel welcome from day one by all of us.

    Your friendly colleagues will be ready to show you around and help you settle in.

    You’ll learn and innovate as new opportunities arise.

    On those busy days, you’ll see us focused and working together to deliver the best service to our customers, because we genuinely care. 

    And then you’ll realise that everyone is here to do what they are passionate about, because that is what life at BOWERBIRD Interiors is all about. 

    Are you ready to join us?