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    Will you be putting your property for sale?


    Is your property for sale? Here are a few things to consider

    First of all, you could can sell your home privately or liaise with a real estate agent to do so. If you decide to sell your house yourself, it’s recommended to do your own research into the Sydney property market is highly recommended. to understand the trends in house prices. Understanding property trends, suburb information, demographics and pricing strategy is critical. Once you find someone willing to buy your property privately or off-market, you’ll need to engage a solicitor lawyer to facilitate the settlement process help you understand how settlement works, providing the right advice and guidance on contract exchanges details and timeframes.

    Secondly, if you decide to liaise with a Real Estate Agent to sell your property, it’s recommended to have conversations with 3 different agents with a property portfolios in your suburb, as they will give you an estimated value of for your property, and you’ll get a sense of their approach and strategy to selling real estate. You could also find agent’s reviews on google or on real estate sites such as or their Facebook It is also worth stalking their social media pages.

    Lastly, although there are benefits and downsides to either option, it comes down to what works best for you. The DIY route requires your own research into advertising, marketing and logistical coordination, things like arranging viewings, getting the property looking sale-ready with property styling, through to the settlement process. The agent route, albeit a little pricier, could save you hours of time, effort and stress. Sometimes (not always) it can be best left to the professionals.

    What’s the difference between Real Estate Agents and Property Stylists like us?

    Real Estate Agents or Realtors are registered agents who specialise in selling residential and commercial property in Australia. They require a license to sell property in NSW and are usually members of Real Estate groups. You can find a registered Agent in on, the peak industry body for real estate in NSW.

    Property Stylists or Interiors Designers are professionals who can furnish and style properties, creating beautiful spaces that appeal to potential buyers. Property Stylists do not require a license to provide interior design services, however, they cannot sell properties like real estate agents do. Interior Designers or Property Stylists usually work closely with Real Estate Agents to help customers sell their homes faster and for a higher price through beautiful interiors getting the home looking amazing and sale-ready. An investment in property styling is often considered a critical step to marketing a home for sale because it presents the home in it’s best light and as a result, make it more desireable to buyers. More desire equals more competition between buyers. More competition equals a faster sale with a higher price tag.

    Bowerbird BOWERBIRD Interiors is a property stylist styling business servicing greater Sydney. based in Sydney. creating inspiring spaces for customers putting their houses for sale or for homeowners looking to achieve their dream interiors.

    How to sell your house fast

    Remember this simple equation:
    * Presenting a home in it’s best light makes it more desireable to buyers.
    * More desire equals more competition between buyers.
    * More competition equals a faster sale with a higher price tag.

    So here’s how to make your home more desireable:

    1: Get a property stylist to style your property according to your area and property demographics. Properties that have been styled tend to resonate more with potential buyers and gives them a vision of what their future house could look like. Interior Designers can design living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens that your audience buyers will love, increasing their likelihood to purchase your property for a higher price, in a shorter period of time.

    2: Set clear timeframes for your property sales campaign with your agent, including an auction date and a plan B in case there is low interest in your property.

    3: Ensure the agent takes professional photos are taken of the property. for the campaign or even produces a You can even get a walk-through video of property prouced.walk-through the property video. Photo’s and video’s are critical to the marketing campaign as often these are the first impressions the buyer gets of the property (and if they are photos and videos are of a styled property – all the better!)

    4: Invest in paid advertising on key real estate websites such as and

    5: Discuss seasonality with your agent, to understand when is a good time to buy and sell a property.

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