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    Timeless Dream in Vaucluse

    Styled To Keep
    Light + Hues

    Styling properties to sell focuses on providing a vision or idea of what a home could look like for a potential buyer. But when it comes to interior styling to keep, it’s more about capturing the home’s true essence – how do we make this space reflect who you are as the owner and tell your story through the furniture, design and accessories?

    For this newly renovated home in Vaucluse, it was through a light colour palette with subtle hints of colour and a strong focus on family spaces – dining, living and outdoor. As a new family of 4 (5 including puppy, Milly), we selected plush couches, soft pink and velvet armchairs, pastel vases and ornaments, and a large statement dining table.

    This home was styled for comfort and practicality with minimalism to welcome in all the sunshine streaming through every corner. Of course, to open up the living room even more, we added in a giant lush rug and we are absolutely adoring the finished look. Definitely got the big tick of approval from Milly (thanks for posing for us!).



    The art of interior styling is capturing a home's true essence. It should tell the story of who you are, where you've been and what matters most.
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