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    Paddington Luxury Warehouse Conversion

    7 days

    A pinnacle of grand-scale living, this historic c1907 home was formerly the Myers Store or, ‘House of Desks’. Settled into a leafy blue chip location in Paddington, the BOWERBIRD team were privileged to have the opportunity to style such an extraordinary space. With a focus on quality and luxury, the interiors scheme was conceptually driven by a timeless classic look.

    Elegant layering was used to help soften and complement the architectural features of the property. The team worked to create harmony of tone throughout the main living area, while each of the six bedrooms and two additional lounge rooms showcased a variety of muted hues and layered textures, which created a sense of calming unity throughout the entire property.

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    This is a very unique property and a difficult task to style appropriately. Not only did Bowerbird nail the brief, they transformed the property into something beyond both the vendors and our expectations.
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