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    Putney Residential Property Styling

    Moody Elegance in Putney

    Private residential
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    Moody | Hues

    Crafted with a bold moody palette, this stunning 4-bedroom house in Putney exudes an air of contemporary sophistication that is certain to impress. The stylish interior boasts a seamless, modern space perfect for families. The furniture, unifying maximalism and minimalism, is sleek, modern and refined, whilst the space is practical and functional, yet distinctly on-point with the aesthetics. The muted yet dramatic colour palette features greige floors that lend an air of sophistication and opulence. Warm and welcoming tan accents give the home a cosy yet elegant vibe that will make you feel right at home.

    The dining area is perfect for entertaining friends and family. It boasts a beautiful white marble island with a live-edge wood top extension to seat more guests. The kitchen is sleek, modern, and equipped with elegant black veneer cabinets that stand out beautifully against the white marble countertops. Its open-plan design lets you cook, entertain and unwind all in one gorgeous space.

    One of the house’s highlights is the stunning backyard pool, complete with a beautiful deck area, perfect for lounging and basking in the sun. The ground floor of the house boasts huge, tall windows offering a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. A cosy natural wood finished seating arrangement under a tree adds the perfect touch, providing an ideal spot to relax.

    As you make your way to the upper level, you’ll notice the continuity of the black veneer which adds depth and cohesiveness. The bedrooms have a neutral palette that is consistent with the overall theme of the house. The master bedroom is particularly soft and welcoming with black decor elements adding depth. It’s interesting to note that while the house remains largely muted, the show-stopping wall art and decor pieces add a layer of texture and create a focal point.

    In conclusion, every detail is carefully crafted with creative choices in material and design, and the muted tones and gentle textures create an uncluttered and chic space that’s perfect for contemporary lifestyles. Our Property Styling team nailed the moody vibe, bringing out the best in this beautiful home.

    Photography: Benjamin Maze

    Styled to give a touch of sophistication and luxury.

    Paying great attention to detail, we carefully curated subdued shades and delicate textures.
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