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    Kirrawee Residential Property Styling

    Modern Design Meets Subtle Hues at this Kirrawee Home


    Come take a look inside this stunning five-bedroom duplex, where modern design meets artistic expression in a mesmerising showcase of style and comfort. Our aim was to create a warm and inviting space, weaving calming green and rust hues throughout the interiors and seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with the lively cityscape.

    The living room impeccably showcases multiple design dimensions. Despite spatial restrictions, the internal styling seamlessly opens and connects the spaces while maintaining a consistent undercurrent of warmth throughout. The black timber veneer and natural stone integrate notions of enduring quality.

    The open plan kitchen, with the dining area right next to it, followed by the living area, has been skilfully planned to avoid furniture blocking the narrow walk space. Everything has been placed correctly so the living space looks spacious and comfortable. The overall effect is both breathtaking and inviting, making guests feel welcomed and at ease as soon as they step inside.

    The luxurious bedroom with its large window allows extensive natural light to flow in, creating a spacious feel. Our design direction aimed to achieve a moody feel with subtle hues, so the team added luxurious accents of light hues mixed with minor moody tones to balance the dark accents. Carefully selected soft furnishings – cushions, throws – should bring coziness. Additionally, the monochrome artworks elegantly complement the relaxing ambiance of the home.

    As we at Bowerbird always says, “We want people to feel comfortable in their homes and love the space they live in.” And that is precisely what the team has achieved with this styled-to-sell home in Kirrawee. Each element has been delicately placed, bringing the entire look together in perfect harmony – sure to enamour all who visit it.

    Property: Lloyds Building & Development 
    Photography: Benjamin Maze

    Blend of modern design and artistic expression.

    Add Luxurious accents of light hues mixed with minor moody tones to balance the dark accents.
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