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    Coogee Apartments Transformed

    Furniture Purchase + ASSIST

    Imagine that feeling of walking into a house with brand new floorboards and a fresh coat of crisp white paint (minus the smell of course). The floor feels smooth, the space more open and just an overall feeling of renewal. We love that, and that’s exactly what we created for this holiday rental apartment in Coogee.

    With our ASSIST by BOWERBIRD service, we ripped up the old carpet and replaced them with timber oak flooring and gave the walls some much-needed love. Once those renovations were complete, it was time to bring in the furniture – not just for display, but for keeps. So the selects had to be made to last. Timeless. With this in mind, we selected honey-toned items for the bedroom – the bedhead, cushions and bedside woven details. This texture also flowed into the living room armchair, accompanied by a timber dining table. These neutral colourways weren’t only to compliment the new flooring, but also to add a touch of warmth we know to call home. Cozy, comforting yet transformative.


    These neutral colourways weren't only to compliment the new flooring, but also to add a touch of warmth from home.
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