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    We're saying thank you and giving back with our new BOWERBIRD LOYALTY REWARDS


    Designed with you – the agent – in mind, our exclusive loyalty program is our way of saying thank you. We know about all the hard work that goes into selling a property and are grateful for all the business you bring our way.

    That’s why we’ve launched the BOWERBIRD Loyalty Rewards program – it’s our way of giving back.

    If you’re here because you’ve just received your new Loyalty Rewards card, or would like to check your card balance, simply scroll to the bottom of the page for all the info you need.

    Use your card anywhere in the world, anytime - including online purchases
    World wide usage
    Withdraw cash from your favourite ATM
    Cash on-demand
    For even more simplicity and easy of use - just tap and go
    Paywave enabled
    Personalized to you
    It’s a MasterCard
    In your wallet for instant use
    Yours to keep permanently
    all you need to know
    Your loyalty, rewarded.
    How it works
    It’s simple! For every install* you sign up, you’ll be rewarded with 5% of the spend for the initial hire period.

    As your install numbers (and your loyalty) increases, the more you get back.

    * Please note that rewards are applicable to furniture hire only and exclude furniture purchase packages. Other services, apart from Styled to Sell property styling, offered through A S S I S T by BOWERBIRD also do not qualify for rewards.
    Personalized Loyalty Rewards program
    Each month, you’ll receive 5% of the spend you’ve sent our way. We'll send you a summary email of your rewards for the previous month, and we’ll load your rewards (that’s cash) onto your very own personalised BOWERBIRD Loyalty Rewards Mastercard for immediate use.
    Personalised Loyalty Rewards Card
    Because your BOWERBIRD Loyal Rewards Card works in the same way as your own credit cards; you’ll be able to spend your rewards (and even withdraw cash from an ATM) in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Here's a reminder of the key things you need to know about your Loyalty Rewards card:
    • It’s a Mastercard and it’s personalised to you
    • Yours to keep permanently – in your wallet for instant use
    • Use it anywhere worldwide (including online purchases)
    • Withdraw cash on-demand at your favourite ATM
    • It’s PAYWAVE enabled for even more simplicity and ease of use
    When to get started
    To get more information or receive your BOWERBIRD Loyalty Rewards Mastercard, simply get in touch by calling 02 9531 2233 or click the “get in touch” button below to drop us an email.
    Agree and activate

    Just received your card?

    Click the "AGREE AND ACTIVATE" button to go through to card activation
    By clicking "AGREE AND ACTIVATE" you confirm that you have read, agree and accept our T&Cs and details outlined in our card issuers PDS document

    To start using your card, click the “AGREE AND ACTIVATE” button to go through to card activation and follow these simple steps:

    • You will be asked to input your “Proxy Number”. This means that you will NEVER be asked to input your card number
      • There is a hyperlink which reads ‘What is my Proxy Number’ to help locate the number, however, the proxy number is printed on the back of the card right at the bottom
      • Your initial 4 digit auth code is communicated to you with your card or defaulted to 0101
    • There will be a requirement for a One Time Password (OTP) whereby you will be asked to enter a password sent to your mobile phone during the activation process
    • You can check your ongoing balance by entering your proxy number and 4 digit auth code and following through the steps
    • In the event that you have difficulty locating your proxy number or logging in, you can get help by emailing:


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    If you're already signed up and have activated your card, you can check your balance here

    Each time you log in and check your balance, you will be asked to input your “Proxy Number” and a “4 Digit Code”.


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