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    FAQ’s – Interior Design

    Which brands do you use? +

    Ensuring diversity, we work with multiple trusted suppliers with whom we have established relationships.

    Where is your furniture from? Is it imported? +

    All our furniture is sourced from local suppliers as we love catering to a modern Australian lifestyle.

    Will I see the furniture before I pay? +

    After a free consultation, scoping and briefing – we will require a 20% deposit to begin our mood boarding and itemising furniture. We will be working closely with you to ensure we produce a mood board that clearly represents the furniture direction we will be taking.

    What is your turn around time? +

    As we work on a project basis, our aim is to deliver a high-quality result, with little disturbance to your living circumstances. Although it varies by project, typically from initial engagement to final delivery and curation in your home, we try to work to a 90 days turnaround.

    Will I have any warranty on the items? +

    Yes, you have all the warranties you would get with furniture suppliers (these will be outlined where required). However, to simplify this for you, if you have any issues with furniture, simply contact us and we’ll ensure it gets attended to.

    Do you pass on your trade discounts? +

    The value you get from our Interior Design service is the expert consultation, styling and curation of your home. Typically Interior Designers charge by the hour and not an agreed project fee as we do. Leveraging buying power is the only way we make our money.

    Do I get any say in the style/overall look of the furniture? +

    We will be working closely with you to ensure we produce a final look that clearly represents the direction we’ve agreed on upfront.

    What's the difference between Interior Design and Property Styling? +

    Interior designers in Australia are qualified professionals who have the right design skills and can fully transform any space whether it’s a home, an office or a commercial property. They usually work closely with the client to understand the scope of the transformation as this may include painting walls, replacing floors, fixtures and fittings, installing new lighting as well as designing or installing new furniture. Interior designers may change or transform the structure of a room, so they would work closely with construction trades when necessary. Typically interior designers will charge for their services on an hourly rate.

    So what do property stylists do?

    Property stylists work with a given space and focus on the details that bring spaces to life. They apply similar principles to interior designers in order to lay out furniture in the best possible way with the intention of making the space look bigger, warmer, brighter, and homelier. Property stylists do not change the structure of the room, the colour/paint on walls or the flooring (unless you count rugs as a floor enhancer), instead, they pick specific colour palettes, textures, fabrics and homewares to achieve the client’s dream interiors.

    If you’re planning to sell your home, a property stylist provides the quickest and most effective way to maximise the sale price of your property. Usually, property stylists are separate businesses from real estate agents, but most agents are able to recommend a stylist that they trust. Contact us to learn more about how property styling can help sell your home faster and for a higher price.

    What is Pay Later? +

    Pay Later is our leading Payment Solution for our Private Residential clients, providing financial flexibility to invest their your home.

    Selling your home?

    Sell your home faster for a higher price, with Property Styling. We’re offering 6 months to pay interest-free, with repayments starting 4 months after the install.

    Transforming your home?

    Live in the home you’ve always dreamed about, carefully curated by our Interior Designers. We’re offering up to $250,000*, interest-free, with 12 months to pay.

    With BOWERBIRD Interiors: Pay Later. No interest. None. Not ever.