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    Giving Back

    Meet The Wheeler Family

    Get ready for a heart-warming journey with our Creative Director, Lauren Lewis, and Managing Director, Geoff Lewis, in our most meaningful project to date. Join them as they navigate a heartbreaking yet inspiring story with The Wheeler Family in a compelling 5-part documentary digital series. Following the loss of their son, Levi, to brain cancer, The Wheelers founded Levi’s Project to support children’s cancer research. Now, they face the challenging yet exciting journey of moving forward from their old home to a new one, embracing fresh beginnings.

    In this emotionally charged narrative, we witness The Wheelers’ undeniable spirit and strength, leaving an enduring impression on our hearts. Join us on this transformative journey as we celebrate resilience, compassion, and the power of giving.

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    "Every giver needs a giver, and we're so happy we can be that giver."




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