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    14 May 2021

    Where do interior trends come from?

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    Interior trends are confusing. It almost seems like they crop up overnight, filling up the pages of interior magazines, social media feeds and homewares stores.

    But of course, there is a long journey from concept to an interior trend you can actually purchase. So, where do interior trends actually come from? We’ve broken it down…

    In season

    One of the biggest influences on interior trends is the weather. It’s only natural that you’ll see lots of chunky knits in winter, breezy cotton in summer, warming hues in autumn and florals in spring. In Australia, our seasons are out of step with many countries, such as the US, UK, China, France, Japan and Italy, which have an influence on styling trends. So if you see popular seasonal trends in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s likely they’ll be hitting your shores in six months’ time.

    In demand

    Apart from the climate, interior trends reflect market influences. It’s not trending to make people want it, but simply responding to what people already want. For example, there has been a movement towards natural and renewable interiors because people are increasingly eco-conscious. Just look at what’s taking the interiors world by storm right now – raw cotton, rattan furniture, energy-saving lights.

    In style

    Taking into account the seasonal and cultural demands, high-end furniture houses, interior designers and other experts such as colour forecasters will create concepts that set the trend. Eventually, the new designs trickle down into interior magazines and blogs, boutique furniture stores and stylists, until these trends are seen in every Target and IKEA. Think of that scene from Devils Wears Prada where they are talking about cerulean sweaters, except it’s cerulean occasional chairs.

    We’ve even seen first-hand the effects ourselves! When we’ve posted a unique new piece on our Instagram, weeks or months later it will be featured in more stylists’ photos, and then that buzz created will lead to the manufacturer selling more of that product! The cycle goes on and on…

    Check out our latest projects to see more interior inspo and how we incorporate trend with a timeless appeal in our styling. 

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