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    23 August 2021

    What does make a difference mean to you?

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    Is it grand gestures or is it the little things?

    Every year, BOWERBIRD Interiors has an annual theme that guides us in our business initiatives and how we move forward. In 2021, our theme is ‘Make A Difference’.

    So we sat down and asked our team, “what does make a difference mean to you?” From small acts of kindness to creating an impact in the lives of others, here are what some of us said.

    “Making a very real, very tangible impact on someone’s life.”

    • Jorge, Director of Strategy, People & Culture 

    “It could be the simplest thing of selflessness, like giving to someone who can’t necessarily ask for help but seeing that they need it. It’s the cause for change and giving them the reason to believe there is goodness in an individual or situation.”

    • Samantha, Project Manager 

    “To me, it means making a mark on every family member, friend or colleague around me. To authentically be yourself and be kind, because you never know the battle someone might be fighting.” 

    • Georgia, Design and Relationship Manager

    “At the moment, it’s about not assuming people are okay and really taking the time to check-in.”

    • Kate, Head of Growth & Revenue

    “To do good for our community, whether that’s helping someone who’s less fortunate than I am or making a donation towards my favourite charity.” 

    • Cecilia, Marketing Coordinator

    “Make a difference is something you do that leaves behind a legacy of you in someone’s mind and provides the strength, courage they need to move forward with their ambitions.”

    • Vic, Operations Manager

    “Putting a smile on someone’s face any way you can. I feel really lucky I have the opportunity to make someone’s home a beautiful place for them to come back to every day.” 

    • Kaitlyn, Design and Relationship Manager

    “At BOWERBIRD Interiors, I believe it’s everyone’s overall collective effort of small contributions that come together and make a difference. No matter how big or small every contribution is, I believe everything counts.”

    • Olivia, Interior Stylist

    So here’s a question from us, what does make a difference mean to you?

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