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    25 September 2020

    The ultimate room-by-room spring cleaning list

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    That time of year has come around again. Yep, you guessed it…it’s time for a SPRING CLEAN!

    We’re going to take you through, room by room, our ultimate spring cleaning checklist we’re tackling this season. Although this task can be daunting, the feeling of satisfaction when you have a completely clean and organised home is so worth it. So let’s get out our cleaning kit, and give our lives a serious declutter. Who’s with us?

    General house cleaning

    Start with these tasks to help your home feel fresher overall before you jump into deep cleaning specific rooms.

    ☐     Check all batteries in the house (fire alarm, remote etc.)
    ☐     Clean and dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
    ☐     Clean handles, light switches and power points
    ☐     Clean skirting boards and cornices
    ☐     Clean windows – inside and out
    ☐     Clean window sills, tracks and frames
    ☐     Dust and clean all decor items
    ☐     Replace burnt out light bulbs
    ☐     Scrub marks on walls
    ☐     Shampoo carpets (if needed)
    ☐     Update your at-home first aid kit
    ☐     Vacuum and mop floors.
    ☐     Vacuum or wash curtains and blinds
    ☐     Wipe down all door frames and doors (don’t forget the top!)

    The living room

    This is by far one of the common rooms to find things exactly where they DON’T belong!

    ☐     Clean behind and under lounge, coffee table, and entertainment unit (or other large furniture items)
    ☐     Clean TV and any glass surfaces
    ☐     Deep clean rugs (refer to care instruction)
    ☐     Remove and wash furniture cushions
    ☐     Sort through cabinets and get rid of any clutter you don’t use (board games, cords, dvds, etc.)
    ☐     Wash decorative cushions and throws
    ☐     Wipe down any shelves and surfaces

    The dining room

    Even though the dining room doesn’t get too out of hand, that doesn’t mean you should skim past this room with little effort – it’s all in the details. 

    ☐     Clean all serveware and dinnerware
    ☐     Dust and polish furniture
    ☐     Launder any table linen
    ☐     Move and clean under and behind any large furniture items
    ☐     Polish silverware

    The kitchen

    Where do we start? The kitchen has so many nooks that need decluttering, cleaning and organising.

    ☐     Clean all cupboard doors
    ☐     Clean behind fridge and dishwasher (if not built in)
    ☐     Clean kitchen appliances (blender, toaster, etc.)
    ☐     Clean out and wipe down fridge shelves
    ☐     Declutter utensil and organise drawers
    ☐     Deep clean oven, microwave and stove top
    ☐     Descale and clean coffee machine
    ☐     Defrost and clean out freezer
    ☐     Dispose of any out-of-date foods in your fridge and pantry
    ☐     Organise food into containers with labels and dates (you’ll thank us later!)
    ☐     Run a cleaning cycle in dishwasher
    ☐     Sanitise and scrub kitchen sink
    ☐     Wash and wipe down all pantry and cupboard shelves

    The bathroom/laundry

    The wet areas of the home tend to get built-up with both grime and clutter. Time to don your gloves and get scrubbing!

    ☐     Clean behind washing machine and dryer
    ☐     Clean mirrors
    ☐     Clean out washing machine filter
    ☐     Clear out all cupboards and drawers and sort through products and equipment you want to keep, throw away or give away
    ☐     Disinfect and clean toilet
    ☐     Disinfect and scrub down shower, bath, sinks, and any hardware
    ☐     Dispose of old medicine, toiletries, and cleaning/washing products
    ☐     Organise supplies and products
    ☐     Scrub grout in any spots where discolouring has occurred
    ☐     Thoroughly clean out lint trap
    ☐     Wash shower curtain or shower screen
    ☐     Wipe down all shelves, drawers and cupboard doors

    The bedroom

    Let’s get this room under control for sleepful nights dreaming of our perfectly organised home. 

    ☐     Clean behind and under bed (or any other big furniture items)
    ☐     Clean out wardrobe, cupboards, and drawers (donate, sell, throw away anything you don’t use/wear)
    ☐     Organise bedside functionality (such as tidying cords)
    ☐     Organise the keep pile of clothes back into wardrobe
    ☐     Rotate mattress
    ☐     Wash bedding (ALL of it – doona, pillows, and linen)
    ☐     Wipe dust from shelves, drawers and surfaces

    The kids zone

    Because kids’ rooms are rarely clean and tidy!

    ☐     Go through toys and donate or throw away what you don’t want
    ☐     Organise toys and play zones
    ☐     Sanitise hard toys
    ☐     Wash soft toys

    Finished the list? Go pour yourself a glass of wine – you deserve it!

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