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    24 January 2020

    Trending: coastal tones (+ how to do it right)

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    Coastal tones are the simplest way to make life feel like a beach, regardless of whether you actually live near one.

    It’s no surprise that coastal tones are trending, with even Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year being “Classic Blue”. But you don’t have to make your home look like a scene from The Little Mermaid to get your point across. Here are some coastal tones interior tips that are stylist-approved.

    1. Beige isn’t boring

    Beige is our favourite neutral to use in a coastal scheme. Forget those “boring” connotations, because it is warm and fresh when paired with layers and textural elements like linen throws and macrame cushions. Keep it modern by adding in some bright whites and grey. 

    2. Mix your neutrals  

    Don’t be afraid to mix cool and warm neutrals (we’re breaking all the rules today!). Warm creams placed beside cool greys can help create dimension and tonal balance. The beach is where cool and warm meet, after all.

    3. A little goes a long way

    Steer clear of those tacky coastal tones that are seen in traditional coastal schemes (blindingly bright aqua blue we’re looking at you). A modern take on coastal tones includes soft sage green, dusty blue and deep muddy turquoise. 

    5. All about texture

    A coastal scheme means you can have lots of fun with texture. Combine a variety of textiles to create that boho, relaxed feeling you get when you’re holidaying by the sea.

    5. Beachside botanicals

    A rich pop of green often takes coastal interiors to the next level. Here’s your opportunity to go totally tropical (sans the flip-flop-shaped hand soap).

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