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    22 March 2021

    Just how quickly can we transform your home?

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    There’s always that scene in the fairytale movie when the spell is cast and everything is beautifully transformed in an instant.

    While we can’t transform your home as fast as “bippity-boppity-boo”, we can come fairly close. We’ve broken down our styling timeline so you can see just how quickly we’re able to transform your home.

    Step 1: The initial consultation

    If you’re interested in us styling your home, call us at 02 9531 2233 or drop us an email at Our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss our process and set up your free home visit consultation. One of our expert stylists will then meet you at your home to get a feel for your styling needs. 

    Step 2: Proposal

    Within 24 hours of the consultation, we’ll arrange a virtual meeting with the BOWERBIRD team and the key decision makers of your household. We’ll walk you through every single detail of our styling proposal, from our recommended Design Direction right down to the logistics of removals. Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll send you the proposal in an email link, including inspiration imagery, a list of furniture pieces included, and of course the project cost.

    Step 3: Acceptance

    All you need to do to accept our proposal is to… well, click Accept. We’ll also lay out the different payment options – if you’ve opted for our bespoke furniture packages to keep, you can opt to Pay Later and get up to $50,000 12-month interest free funding. If you’re styling to sell your property, our BOWERBIRD BLACK pay later option might be of interest to you – where you can defer your styling costs until your property sells or 107 days, whichever occurs first. Either option, you’ll be directed to a quick and simple application process with our trusted third-party credit provider. And then we’re ready to go!

    Step 4: Transformation

    This is the exciting part. On your chosen day, our styling and logistics team will be on-site to completely transform your home. This may look like a whirlwind at first as we work carefully to style each room according to your needs. And how long does this take, you might ask? In the majority of cases, the installation process is only a few hours. That means you could theoretically go to work and come back to a completely different home.

    Want us to transform your home in a day? Get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form, and one of our qualified stylists will be in touch to understand your styling needs to let you know.

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