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    24 June 2022

    Tips to enjoy your outdoor space in Winter

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    There is no reason you can’t use your outdoor space all year! Australia has a beautiful climate so don’t be discouraged by a slight drop in the temperature.

    A few simple additions can bring a new dimension to your life outside. Here are a few ideas to help prepare your outdoor space for winter living.

    Heat it up

    Outdoor heating is essential in winter and the right type of heating will dramatically change how you use your outdoor space throughout the year. Slimline heat lamps can be attached to the roof and subtly provide instant warmth in a small and intimate garden or deck. Consider a fire pit to create a relaxed ambiance and your friends and family will delight in an invitation to share an evening around the fire.

    From the ground up

    It’s best to focus on “warming” the space from the ground up, particularly if the flooring is stone or concrete. Investing in an outdoor rug can provide a much-needed barrier under your feet. However, it’s best to focus on a rug that is both practical with a soft texture… and don’t scrimp on size! There are many chic outdoor options that will allow you to maintain a consistent colour palette that links with the rest of your home.

    Outdoor furniture

    There is an array of outdoor weatherproof furniture available that is both stylish, and functional yet comfortable. While a dining table is well-suited to a more formal occasion, consider a more relaxed lounge setting which provides the ideal atmosphere for casual conversation.

    Bring the indoors out

    A major misconception with outdoor entertaining is that everything must be specifically “weatherproof.” The trick is to create a seamless flow by bringing the indoors out. If your space is restricted, utilise indoor stools and ottomans for extra seating when guests pop over. Move your indoor side tables to your balcony or courtyard on a sunny winter’s day to provide an extra spot for guests to place their drink. By not differentiating between the indoors and outdoors, your home will exude an eclectic aesthetic with a personal feel.

    Soft furnishings can help establish a snug outdoor couch. Indoor throws and cushions can add instant warmth and charm to a garden bench. Wintry textures such as woven fabrics and even velvet cushions and chunky knit throws are lovely options. For a hint of luxury, place a sheepskin rug over an outdoor lounge to inspire relaxation. Just don’t forget to bring them in when your guests leave!

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