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    4 April 2022

    5 things homebuyers don’t want to see

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    An eagle can spot a rabbit from 3km away, which is nothing compared to a homebuyer inspecting a property.

    Trust us, prospective buyers have a knack for finding cracks, stains, and dust in areas you didn’t even know to check. A house is a huge investment, after all. As well as clearing out the clutter and fixing damp, rot and stains, there are also things homebuyers don’t want to see that are less than obvious. Use these 5 tips to maximise your selling price by fixing these common issues.

    Making an entrance

    Naturally, you don’t spend a lot of time hanging about in your entranceway, meaning it’s often neglected. But it’s the first impression you make on your buyers so make it a good one. Update your light fixtures, lay an inviting rug, and hang a statement art piece to set the tone from the second they walk in.

    Swept under the rug

    The prudent home buyer will want to check under every rug for flaws in the floors. We trust you’re not hiding a big structural defect under your shag pile, but it’s possible dirt and dust has collected underneath without you realising. Don’t forget to give rugs and carpets a thorough cleaning before guests arrive.

    Power down

    Home viewings take place in the daytime so if you have plenty of natural light you may not think to check your lights. We can assure your buyers will! Fix wiring and plumbing issues well before the viewing date (buyers will want assurance that your water pressure, heating and power sockets are in good working condition).

    As safe as houses

    You might feel right at home in your house, but remember your potential buyers are moving into an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Your home security system should make them feel safe – there’s nothing more off-putting than a front door that doesn’t lock properly. While you’re at it, check your smoke alarms.

    The smell test

    This isn’t something you “see” but it’s so important we can’t leave it out! Even if your home is clean as a whistle, cooking odours can turn off potential buyers. What’s more, you may be so used to the scent that you don’t even notice yourself! It’s best to move yourself (and of course any pets) out of the house at least until the viewing period is over.

    Wow your potential buyers

    Whether you’re selling or investing in your future home, we can help make your property a showstopper. Get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form and our team will be in touch to organise a free consultation.

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