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    29 January 2021

    From planning to execution: how we style properties

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    Picture this: your property, completely transformed!

    Well, maybe you can’t quite picture it. Unless you work in the interiors industry, it’s hard to know what the process of organising, implementing and completing a property transformation really looks like (and it’s nothing like The Block, sorry to say).

    So let’s break it down. Here are the stages of the styling process you can expect with BOWERBIRD Interiors, so the only surprise you’ll get is how great your property looks at the end of it!

    First, a free consultation

    If you’re even entertaining the idea of interior styling, get in touch! We’ll explain your options, learn about your desires for the property and answer any questions you have. If you’re selling, we’ll also discuss the best styling options for the target market in your area. Of course, it’s absolutely free to book a consultation with one of our experienced Design & Relationship Managers.

    Let us make you a proposal

    We’ll send a bespoke styling proposal including our Design Direction, images of similar properties and pricing breakdown after the initial consultation. If you’re a Homeseller or a Business client looking to style your property with the intention of putting it on the market, you can also choose at this point to apply for funding through our pay later option, BOWERBIRD BLACK. This lets you defer any upfront payments until settlement (or 107 days, whichever occurs first). It’s just as simple as pressing a button and we’re in business!

    The date is set

    Once you accept our proposal, we’ll be in touch to iron out the finer details and set a date for installing. If you’re selling, we generally prefer to install the day prior to real estate photography – this is when it will look its very best! While we are flexible to your needs, one to two weeks notice is generally required. If you’re a Homeowner and opted for our Styled To Keep service, we source and store all the brand new furniture in our warehouse until install day. That way the installation process only takes one day as opposed to multiple deliveries, making it easier and stress free.

    Install day!

    It’s our favourite day of the whole process. You might feel some nervous butterflies as the BOWERBIRD trucks roll up, but rest assured that our team is trained to install furniture as safely and smoothly as possible. While this process usually takes just a few hours, if you have an exceptionally large property or need extra simple renovations like painting and flooring through ASSIST,  it can take a little bit longer. When you come back home, you might not recognise your property!

    Following up

    For Homesellers, we’ll organise a quick removal of the furniture once your property sells or the contract expires. Extensions can be arranged in the rare case it’s needed, but don’t worry – we have a 95% return on investment success rate. For Homeowners, the furniture is yours to keep, permanently! We’ll be in touch to make sure you are completely happy with your styling. For Business clients, depending on whether you’ve opted for a furniture hire service, FaaS or furniture purchasing, our team will guide and follow-up to ensure every step is as you expected.

    Let’s start from the beginning! Get in touch using the contact form to organise your free consultation.

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