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    4 November 2019

    5 flower-free ways to style for spring

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    In the immortal words of Miranda Priestly: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”.

    While we love flowers, there are many reasons why you might not want them in the house. Real flowers are a costly habit to maintain and can even trigger allergies, in some people. It’s something we’re always aware of in our property styling – nobody wants a potential buyer to come across a vase of wilted lilies, or erupt into a sneezing fit.

    But we still want to celebrate the gloriousness of springtime, so here are some spring interior design ideas to freshen up your home.

    1. Greenery

    Not all plants affect hayfever (thankfully!). Allergy-friendly house plants have low pollen counts, including succulents, palms and orchids. Dracaenas are even known to collect dust in their leaves, making the air cleaner to breathe

    2. Hues

    Our Hues Design Direction works all year round, but it’s especially perfect for spring. Dress up your home in the colours of the rainbow, with bright mustard yellows, velvety blues and cheeky blush pinks. But just remember to balance your palette with plenty of neutrals.

    3. Artwork

    If you can’t have plants in the house, you can at least have pictures of plants! Go abstract with colourful paint splashes or sleek with a photographic print. Right now we’re loving the botanical prints by The Art and Framing Company because they are muted enough to carry through the seasons.

    4. Metallics

    Nothing brightens up a room like a little gold. Celebrate the increasing sunshine with metallic details. They not only look gorgeous but also reflect light, making your whole home shinier. A little sparkle goes a long way – try gold tapware, lighting fixtures or a statement vase.

    5. Fruit

    You can bet we love the bright, inviting appearance of fruit just as much as we love eating it! Load a big bowl with fruit that won’t go off quickly, like citrus, pomegranates and pineapple. (Hint: for home staging, you can simply buy display fruit – it looks just like the real deal!)

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