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    28 November 2019

    3 things you should spend less money on

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    Who’d like to spend less money on home improvements? (Me, me, me!)

    If you agree, the first step is to find out which items are actually worth your hard-earned cash. Here are three things to spend less money on… and three things that are worth the investment.

    1. Cushions and throws 

    Cushions and throws are great for changing up the look of an entire room – a switch of colour or texture creates a completely different look and feel. But, like soft furnishings, this is an expense that can easily pile up. We recommend spending less money on these so you have more money in the bank for essentials.

    2. Rugs

    I don’t care if you’re neater than Mary Poppins – rugs inevitably get dirty and worn-out. That’s why we say not to spend too much money on rugs if you’re on a budget. Plus, rugs are fun to change up every few years.

    3. Vases 

    So much money is spent on ornamental items that don’t provide any function beyond aesthetics. As unexpected as it may sound coming from an interiors company, stores like Kmart and Target are constantly releasing on-trend ornaments and vases. With the right styling, nobody will know they didn’t cost hundreds.

    So, what’s worth the investment?
    1. Sofa

    A sofa is totally worth the splurge. If you invest in a good-quality sofa early on, it will last you a lifetime. We recommend sticking to a neutral colour (beige, charcoal, grey) which can then be used as a base for your room’s styling.

    2. Dining table

    With dining tables, you want one that’s going to stand the test of time.. from kids’ fingerpainting to red wine spillages at dinner parties. First, choose your shape (we love rectangle or round). Then your material should be sturdy, i.e. timber, concrete or marble. Make sure it’s easy to clean and durable (you don’t want to throw a table cloth on it every time you use it because you’re scared it will be scratched or stained).

    3. Lighting 

    Light fittings are always going to be in the spotlight (ha, get it?). You can spot a cheap light fitting a mile away, so you definitely don’t want to skimp out on this. Go for a timeless simple design that won’t date.

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