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    27 December 2019

    Spare room ideas… here’s 5 of them for some inspo

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    A spare room is a bit of an oddity.

    They tend to collect clutter, or worse, gather dust. They are often too small to turn into another bedroom and it’s too expensive to convert them into another bathroom (oh, think of the plumbing costs). The result is a random space you close the door to when you have people around.

    If you have a spare room, you should try making it into something more. In fact, modern home buyers will often pay more for a house with a converted spare room rather than one that is just… spare. Here are some ideas to consider.

    Home office

    A spare room is a great place to set up a home office. This acts as a place for you to get away from the madness when it’s time to knuckle down with no distraction in sight. Your mind can run free even in a cramped room, as long as you provide some clever storage options (such as a desk with in-built drawers). 

    Kid den

    Lego littering the floors? Save your sanity and your poor feet by turning your spare room into a playroom or rumpus room. Resist the urge to paint unicorns all the over the walls (or anything else overly “kiddy”) as this room should grow as your child does.

    Guest bedroom

    If the room is big enough, a guest bedroom is a right choice – you never know when you might need one. This isn’t a room to blow your budget, so you can easily get some inexpensive but stylish furniture and decor at stores like Ikea and Target.


    There’s always something magical about a library. If you have a lot of books taking up valuable storage space, turn them into a feature (you can even colour code the spines). Don’t forget a big comfy chair.

    Home gym

    A home gym is an investment that pays for itself in the long run. No more gym fees! No more sharing sweaty equipment with strangers! If you install gym-style mirrors, it will also make the room look and feel bigger.

    Now it’s up to you. What will you make of your spare room?

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