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    21 June 2019

    BOWERBIRD Space Crush: BodyMindLife Kirrawee

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    BOWERBID - BodyMindLife Kirrawee
    It’s fair to say that with the current trend towards all things wellness, there’s no shortage of yoga and pilates studios to be found in Sydney.
    But, we think we may have just found one of the most aesthetically beautiful, nestled in the Sutherland Shire suburb of Kirrawee. BodyMindLife studios are well-known for their light and airy studio spaces which evoke a sense of inner calm and stillness – and their new studio in Kirrawee is no exception.

    This tranquil oasis embraces a minimal palette – juxtaposing crisp whites with natural timber details and brushed concrete – giving the space a contemporary spin.

    The design celebrates “sacred geometry and healing architecture” so that you can embrace your inner yogi as soon as you step inside. Let’s just say it’s the perfect spot to unwind from the stresses of modern living…

    If you’re selling your home and looking to bring a little Zen into your space, get in contact with us by filling in the form below!

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