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    30 July 2018

    How a simple statement can make a big impact

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    While balance and harmony are essential elements of any home, sometimes all you need is a simple statement to confidently style your home.

    When it comes to decorating the entrance of a palatial house, the design options are endless. However for a ‘spatially challenged’ home, don’t be disheartened and overlook the importance of making a good impression. A simple but effective way to make a statement from the outset is by adding a mirror to the hallway. A mirror is a clever way to increase light and add interest without overwhelming your guests upon arrival. If space permits add a narrow console with a few small accessories to ground the space.

    Living Room
    It’s an accepted fact that a rug truly anchors a room and defines the space. It can also add an abundance of texture, dimension and vibrancy, but your selection must be the correct one! It’s easy to choose a rug that will “blend” in with your colour scheme, however why not consider one that will make a statement and own the space! It’s much easier to find a paint colour to coordinate with an area rug rather than vice versa. As a general rule, bigger is always better so avoid a design fail with an underwhelming rug in a large room. When it comes to colour, not all rugs need overpowering pops of colour, monochrome or pastel shades will unify a room and enhance the relaxing atmosphere. The hint here is to let the sofa take a minor role, so the rug can be the dominant feature.

    Dining Room
    Your dining room is a special place to entertain, celebrate and create memories with your family and friends. Often homeowners become attached to their dining table especially if it suits the style of the home and fits the size of the room. A great way to make a statement is a bold choice of lighting. Depending on the style of your property, a chandelier might suit a traditional home and a more minimalist, architectural feature light would complement a modern aesthetic. If your property has high ceilings, feature lighting is particularly befitting in uniting the space and creating intimacy.
    Due to our busy lives, our bedrooms have become a place to sleep, dress, repeat. Regardless of your personal taste or the room size, make yours a place to relax, even just for a moment. A statement chair or a reading nook, nestled with a small stool to rest a cup of tea or a book, will encourage you to take time out. Equally a bench at the end of the bed will make your room feel “finished” and provide a little “comfort” spot.
    Hanging artwork is usually at the bottom of your to do list, especially in the bedroom. Make it a priority. While you may have dreams of curating an impressive gallery style wall, consider one large emotive painting or picture. Or if space allows it, hang a pair of images for a dramatic impact. A statement can be defined by size or colour, so take both your personal style and the period of the property into consideration. If indecision is holding you back, be confident and trust your instinct, you can always change things around later, but there’s nothing more satisfying than finalising a space.

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