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    19 April 2021

    Just like magic: 7 simple interior changes that instantly transform a room

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    You don’t need a crazy budget, hours of spare time and a sledgehammer to transform a room.

    In fact, a few simple interior changes can make all the difference – and change your home in a manner of minutes. Here are some “magic” improvements that look like you’ve put in a lot more effort than you really did!

    1. Buy a new rug

    New flooring often transforms a room, but it’s not exactly a quick fix. Buying a new rug is a great shortcut – cosy up your living room, create a new colour palette in the bedroom, or even place a rug underneath your dining setting. Depending on what rug you choose, it can completely change your aesthetic!

    2. Change up your curtains

    Heavy drapes are one easy way to make a room look dark and drab. Sheer curtains are a far better and more modern option to make your home feel instantly lighter. If privacy is an issue, we also recommend adjustable shutters – just choose a light colour to help reflect light. 

    3. Display your favourite decor

    Use your display shelves to, well, display. Move anything you don’t want to show off into storage and arrange your favourite decor – including books, photo frames and sculptures – into vignettes. You probably already have the ingredients for a stylish interior scheme, it’s just about how you use them.

    4. Get a sofa cover

    Did you know you can buy fabric covers for sofas and armchairs? Inexpensive and easy to use, these semi-stretchy covers refresh your living room when you’re not quite ready to invest in new furniture. As a bonus, they also keep your furniture protected from everyday wear and tear. 

    5. Layer soft furnishings

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a stylist who’s shy of soft furnishings. Layering up cushions and throw rugs is an easy way to create stylish, comfy and casual vibes. We recommend not blowing the budget on soft furnishings so you can swap them out as needed as the seasons and trends change.

    6. Lean a mirror

    Mirrors are a great tool to increase light flow, create the illusion of more space… and, well, they just look good, don’t they? The latest style en vogue is leaning a full-length mirror against a wall. It’s a statement piece that’s also functional for checking out your outfit before you leave the house.

    7. Start a houseplant collection

    Who doesn’t love a houseplant to freshen up a space? If you’re worried about keeping houseplants alive, try low-maintenance options like bamboo, fiddle leaf fig, Kentia palm, rubber tree and yucca, which can thrive with minimal care. And don’t forget a stylish pot!

    Need some interior magic? We can completely transform your home in just a day! Get in touch using the contact form to arrange a free consultation with our expert team of stylists.

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