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    15 November 2019

    Should you repaint before you sell?

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    When you’re getting your home ready for sale, it can all-consuming and overwhelming.

    And while you might not be looking to undertake a complete reno before you sell, you’ve probably asked yourself if it’s worth your time – and money – to repaint. Well, the simple answer is: yes.

    Here’s why…

    It lightens and brightens

    For many potential homebuyers, a freshly painted home is a real drawcard. And for sellers, it’s a super quick way to give your home a bit of a speedy makeover! Even if your home isn’t dark in the literal sense of the word, a crisp coat of light-coloured paint acts like an instant facelift – brightening up even the dullest space.

    It’s a clean slate

    Another reason home buyers love a freshly painted home is that it feels like they can move in with a clean slate. Whether we like to admit it or not, fingerprints, chips and cracked paint appear over time and can make a property look older than its years. But with a fresh coat of paint – it can feel like brand new again in an instant.

    It’s an investment

    Selling your home is an investment in your future – and fetching the highest possible sale price is the name of the game. While we often talk about the power of property styling to add value to your home, it’s worth thinking of a fresh lick of paint (or any renovations for that matter) in a similar vein. If homebuyers can see you’ve given their potential dream home a little tender extra loving care – you may reap the rewards by generating a super positive return on your investment.

    Did you know with ASSIST by BOWERBIRD we can now take care of repainting your home for you?

    From painting to flooring and even cleaning and storage – ASSIST is the complete solution to getting your home sold. To find out more, simply drop us a note via the contact form.

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