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    14 June 2021

    6 tips for selling your home in Australia

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    The property market in Australia is booming – house values in Sydney, for example, were up 15 percent since the beginning of the year

    So if you’re selling your home, you don’t want to miss any opportunity to make the most from your sale. Since we work closely with the real estate industry, we wanted to share some tips that will help your property sell faster, for more. 

    1. Hire a property stylist

    It’s estimated that property styling can add between five to 10% to your final sale price. Let’s use the more conservative estimate of 5%, with the property selling for $1 million – that’s an extra $50,000 in your pocket. Professionally staged homes look bigger with spatial planning, add more value, but most importantly, help potential buyers visualise themselves living there. Creating that emotional connection is a key driving factor in converting a browser to a buyer. 

    2. Choose renovations wisely

    Adding another room to the house or an outdoor swimming pool possibly won’t return your investment. Instead, focus on improving and highlighting what is already there. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to make a property look like new, while updated flooring can really push buyers over the line. Hardwood floors in particular are in big demand right now.

    3. Remember outdoor spaces

    So much time and energy is spent focusing on interior styling that the exterior is often neglected. But remember that this is Australia, and we love nothing more than relaxing in the sun. Even if you have a small outdoor space, giving it special attention – flourishing potted plants, an entertaining area – will make it a place potential buyers can picture themselves hosting future barbies with their mates!

    4. Know the market

    There will always be people who want to buy properties, but that said, there are certain times of the year that could make it easier. If you’re not under time pressure, wait for Spring – it’s the most competitive time of the year, but also has the most demand. Holidays, particularly over Christmas, are notoriously slow.

    5. Do a deep clean

    The very last thing anyone wants to see during open homes is mess or grime. We would highly recommend professional cleaning to ensure there isn’t a spot of damp or patch of dust that gets left behind. If you have pets, find a sitter – especially as many people are allergic. And never forget to take your bins out!

    6. Don’t go it alone

    You don’t technically need a real estate agent to sell your home. However, we highly recommend that you get one. Not only is it such a time-consuming process, but agents are also highly experienced and knowledgeable about market trends, target demographics and key issues such as setting a realistic price guide. And at the end of the day, anyone who works with you to help sell your home is only going to be acting in your best interests!

    Selling your home? Choose to PAY LATER with 6 months interest-free when you book property styling with us for sale. From $2,500 to $50,000 and no upfront payments, putting your property’s best foot on the market has never been easier. Get in touch via the contact form or simply call us on 02 9531 2233 for an initial call and FREE consultation.

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