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    22 February 2021

    The biggest renovation mistakes you need to avoid

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    Renovation mistakes can quickly become the most costly part of property transformation.

    And if you’re new to renovation, mistakes can also pile up very quickly. Here are some rookie renovation mistakes to watch out for in your home makeover. Hopefully, we’ll save you time, money and headaches!

    Budget blunders

    You should always make sure to give yourself some wriggle room in your budget. Basically, expect for the project to cost more than you’ve estimated, especially if it’s a DIY job. An extra 20% will take care of any delays or complications – and if you don’t spend it, you’ve got more money in the bank for your styling budget.

    Unreliable tradespeople

    Of course, the vast majority of tradies are the salt of the earth. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do background checks, especially of their licenses. Ask for examples and references of previous work, and trust word of mouth and online reviews. (Also: be wary of hiring friends as this can make negotiations awkward if things go sour.)

    Fools rush in

    It’s easy to get swept up by the gleaming renovations featured in interior magazines and Pinterest boards. But it will be easier on your wallet (not to mention your peace of mind) to take renovations one step at a time. Particularly if you are selling your property, you would be surprised how reflooring and a fresh paint job will make things look good as new – on a considerably lower budget.

    Falling short

    When it comes to any interior makeover, make sure to measure everything – twice. This is especially important when doing renovations. A single inch wrong in your floorboards, for example, can cost you dearly. Get your measuring tape and spirit level ready!

    Too new

    There’s a fine balance between polishing up heritage features and getting rid of what made your property so special in the first place. While going for the modern look is tempting, historic details can often attract higher prices in the long run. After all, shiny new homes are dime-a-dozen but Victorian architecture will never come again!

    Turn to the pros

    While DIY may seem cheaper, hiring interiors experts eliminates the risk of costly renovation mistakes. With ASSIST by BOWERBIRD, our seasoned professionals project-manage your renovations, including painting and curated flooring. Coupled with our premium styling, we’ll have your home looking its best in no time – and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Would you like BOWERBIRD Interiors to handle your cosmetic renovations and get your property looking its best? Get in touch via the form and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

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