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    7 August 2020

    Is property styling worth it?

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    We can talk about the beauty of timeless interiors until we’re blue in the face but at the end of the day, all you really want to know is: is property styling worth it?

    You have a lot invested in selling your home and already have racked up costs in hiring an agent, marketing campaigns and more. So, of course, you’re sceptical when it comes to another expense. Maybe you’ve even heard that property styling is just a “nice to have” only reserved for the most luxurious homes. Is property styling worth it or is it a waste of money?

    Fact: property styling can help increase your sale price

    Property styling isn’t just your regular interior design. Expert stylists are trained to make your home appealing to the local target demographic. Packages of the latest furniture are brought in, eye-catching accessories are carefully arranged, and renovations like painting and flooring can even be organised. By the end of the day (yep, it only takes a few hours to install) your home will be completely transformed.

    The aim is to get your home selling fast, with offers well above your expectations. At BOWERBIRD Interiors, more than 95% of our Styled to Sell properties have successfully achieved return on investment. In fact, our projects have achieved up to 162 times the return on investment!

    Fact: property styling helps you stand out from the crowd

    You only have to look at real estate listings to see property after lacklustre property. Prospective buyers are instantly turned off by empty homes, dated furniture and clunky decoration. Rest assured that professional styling gives you an automatic leg-up over your competition. Whether you are hosting an open home, or marketing your property with a 3D Virtual Tour, beautiful aesthetics will create an impactful first impression. All you have to do is wait (not too long) for the offers to roll in.

    Fact: property styling packages are bespoke for your needs

    Property styling isn’t just for luxury waterfront mansions. If you’re still questioning if property styling is worth it for you, you should know that every proposal is created bespoke for the needs of the client, their home and budget. You also don’t need to spend a cent to find out how much property styling will cost for your home. Simply get in touch with our expert stylists using the contact form and we’ll organise a consultation for you, completely free.

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