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    24 August 2020

    How to pay for property styling and renovations later

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    If you’re selling your home, making sure it’s up to scratch with professional property styling and renovations is essential. 

    It’s well worth the investment when you crunch the numbers – in fact, 95% of the properties we’ve Styled to Sell have successfully achieved return on investment. That said, any expense can put stress on the wallet when you’re going through such a major life change. It would make sense, wouldn’t it, to be able to defer your payments until you’ve sold your home?

    Pay later for property styling 

    BOWERBIRD BLACK is here to help you out. Our premium offering means that you don’t have to pay upfront for property styling. We’ll say that again: you don’t have to pay upfront. Our trusted credit provider relieves the financial pressure of getting your home ready to sell, so you only have to pay at settlement or 107 days, whichever occurs first. There’s no catch, no repayments, no accrued interest – just the peace of mind of not having to pay upfront during an already busy time in your life.

    Cosmetic renovations are included!

    Does your home need more TLC than property styling can provide? Our BOWERBIRD BLACK offering now includes ASSIST by BOWERBIRD, our fully project-managed renovation service. With years of know-how and trusted connections, we can organise flooring, painting, cleaning & storage and removals so you don’t have to worry about contracts, logistics or chasing tradies. These improvements can make all the difference to your final sale price, and now you don’t even need to pay for them upfront. Approved applicants to BOWERBIRD BLACK will be eligible for funding up $25,000, so you can defer payment for property styling, cosmetic renovations and even marketing.

    How to get BOWERBIRD BLACK

    Simply get in touch with us on 02 9531 2233 or via the contact form to set up your free consultation with one of our expert stylists. Once we’ve answered a few of your questions and got to know you and your property, we’ll send through a bespoke proposal within 24 hours. Feel free to have a read, look at our successful case studies and fall in love with the new Design Direction for your home. 

    Then all you need to do is click “Accept & Pay Upfront” or ”Accept & Pay Later” – the choice is yours! Once we’ve confirmed your acceptance, you’ll just need to complete a quick application with our finance provider (it takes three minutes – we timed it!). You’ll have your approval status within two hours, and we’ll be in touch promptly to organise your install. Then you don’t have to do – or pay – anything until settlement or 107 days.

    Find out more about BOWERBIRD BLACK here.

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