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    9 August 2021

    What to expect when we come to style your home

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    Looking to put your property on the market?

    If you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest price possible, property styling is well worth the investment. More than 95% of the properties we style make back their investment, as property styling shows your home in its best possible light. If you’ve never worked with a property stylist before, here’s exactly what you can expect.

    Step one: Free consultation

    Simply drop us a line or call us and our team will set up a free consultation. Due to COVID restrictions, this is currently online – but we’ll take every care to determine the requirements of your home as if we were in person. This is where we’ll have a chat to discuss your needs and how we can best prepare your particular property for sale.

    Step two: The proposal

    Once our team has gathered enough information, we’ll put together a proposal. This is based on many important factors – the demographic of the target market, existing features of the home, location, budget and more. But the best part is, we’ll send you our bespoke proposal via email within 24 hours. All you have to do is click “Accept.”. You can choose to pay upfront or apply to Pay Later – the choice and flexibility are yours.

    Step three: Booking

    Once you’ve accepted the proposal, the team will be in touch promptly to arrange an install date. This is all based on your availability and your particular deadlines (such as when you need real estate photography, are opening your home to viewers, and so on).

    Step four: Install

    This is where the magic happens! Many people assume it takes days to completely transform your home, but usually, it only takes a matter of hours. On occasion, with a large or complicated install, it can take up to a day. This includes removing your old furniture, moving in the new pieces and styling everything to perfection! For your safety, we do require the property to be completely vacated when we come to install or remove furniture. And note that all our stylists and logistics teams are fully trained on COVID safety, distancing and sanitisation. 

    Step five: Removal

    Once you’ve sold your property – and with styling, this often happens very quickly – we’ll be in touch to arrange a quick, seamless removal. If the property hasn’t sold yet, we’re happy to discuss an extension. But that’s rarely needed!

    Super easy and straightforward, right? If you’d like to discuss preparing your home for sale with us, get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form. One of our qualified stylists will be in touch to organise a free consultation!

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