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    Moody Masterpiece Surry Hills

    Styled to Sell

    There’s an art to achieving this style: too much black furniture and artwork can weigh down the space, and not enough will look disproportional or out of place. There’s a lot that comes into play when finding that perfect balance – things like colour, textures and lighting. And when done right, this style adds timelessness and sophistication to your pad, leaving you (and your guests) wow’ing at the sight every time. Of course, for this Surry Hills apartment, we found that sweet spot.

    The black door and window frames tied this look all together. There were quite a few dark coloured items chosen for this install, like the black dining chairs, charcoal-coloured cushions, black TV unit and even black outdoor seats!

    Normally this would make the space seem really heavy and look ‘weighed down’. But with so much natural light flowing in (as well as carefully selected light grey staples), it was a match made in heaven.

    If you’re looking for more inspiration or thinking about incorporating this bold look into your own home, you can also check out our Moody Lookbook. Now without further ado, here is the final result.

    moody design direction

    This style adds timelessness and sophistication to your pad, leaving you (and your guests) wow'ing at the sight every time
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