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    Bellevue Hill Charm

    22 days

    Peacefully set in an idyllic and leafy area of Bellevue Hill sits this meticulously restored Victorian residence. A perfect contrast of both contemporary and classic design, this property radiates character and charm.

    Elegant detailed ceilings and ornate fireplaces are complemented by sleek oak timber floorboards, large scale limestone tiles and fresh white walls. Based on the client’s admiration for the coastal lifestyle and the raw and rustic elements throughout the home, the BOWERBIRD team curated a sophisticated ‘High-End Coastal’ Scheme.

    A monochrome colour palette with a subtle hint of charcoals and neutrals were selected to complement the current finishes and the elaborate detailing. Large scale Matt Johnson photography, textured soft furnishings and accessories reflecting a seaside vibe were carefully chosen to enhance the feeling of relaxed luxury.

    A ‘coastal-chic’ ambience has been positively achieved.

    Property Agent

    BOWERBIRD were extremely competitive and they were really good around providing a product in terms of furniture quality that surpassed their competitors. We sold the property for $4.7M which was an enormous net gain for the client.
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