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    28 December 2020

    5 productive things to do in your home this Christmas slump period

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    We have officially embarked on that time of year between Christmas and New Years, where you’re not sure what’s up or down. It’s no lie you start to lose track of the days passing by, but 2020 isn’t over just yet (as much as we want it to be). So here’s our list of things you could do in your home this slump period!


    If you’ve landed yourself on this blog, it would be safe to assume that a few home decor items were on your wishlist this Christmas. The festive season often has our calendars banked up, leaving little to no time to find homes for those new little trinkets you were gifted. So what better time than the slump between Christmas and New Year – where you’re likely to lose track of what day of the week it is – to get redecorating. Swap out something on a shelf or bedside table, shuffle some furniture around for a new look and feel. Maybe even put up a new artwork or print out pictures you’ve taken over Christmas.


    Wrapping trends are all about the neutral base – craft paper or a classic crisp white seems to be the go-to for most gift-givers. It seems a waste to throw out all that paper, so why not repurpose it? Cover some old books for a cute colour coordinated bookshelf, or reinvent an old notebook/folder that had seen better days. 

    Out with the old and in with the new

    If you were on your best behaviour in 2020 I’m sure Santa was very generous. So what better time than now to get some ‘summer cleaning’ done to make way for the shiny and new. Keep the spirit of giving alive by donating some goodies – it’s a great way to give back to those who need it most.

    Getting cosy 

    On those gloomier days where you are bound to the four walls of your home, racking your brain for something exciting to do – we have just the thing. Get creative and create the most comfortable home cinema experience. We’re talking doonas, mattresses on the living room floor, and neverending bowls of popcorn. 

    Summers Day

    On the contrary to those gloomier days, you’ll need something to do on the days where the sun is shining bright. Our go-to at-home activity is to have an insta-worthy backyard picnic. Get out your cutest blanket, throw, or towel and layer it up with an array of colourful snacks and boho serve-ware. Don’t forget to snap it and share it, we’d love to see your creations!

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