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    18 January 2019

    Our tips for taking the perfect interior photo

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    You’ve just finished a major project that you are SO chuffed with. Of course, you want to show it off online – or maybe just put it in the archive. But you have no idea how they make it look so good on Pinterest and those mags you aimlessly flick through. You’ve come to the right place (we have some of the best in the biz to ask). Here’s how our #BBDreamTeam get those perfect photos.
    interior photographer
    Get down low
    While the perfect selfie angle is from up high, this is a no-no when it comes to interiors. Get down low to get a greater scale of perspective without distorting the objects in the frame.
    interior photographer
    Textures baby!
    Having all one colour tone or texture in an image usually means a lot of the detail gets lost. Play with textures and different colours (or tones of the same colour if you’re going for a simpler look) to get depth in your interiors photo.
    bed textures
    It’s all about the angles
    Change it up and get creative, the wide fisheye lens is so been there done that! Some of our favourites include a flat lay/birds eye view angle, a close up (don’t be afraid to showcase a particular feature) or a through the door shot giving a real sense of perspective into the space. You’ll find yourself in some pretty odd places but that’s where the magic happens.
    flat lay photography
    Quality counts
    Trust us on this one, the better quality equipment the better the image (it seems like common sense, I know – but hear us out). While iPhones and androids have stepped up their game it can never beat a good quality professional camera. So if your budget allows, invest in good quality equipment… just do it!
    living room
    Less is more
    Although it may not be realistic in a home, in a photo, less is definitely more. There is nothing worse than thinking you got the perfect shot, then seeing something is just a little off – or cluttered in this case. Keep it minimal, it relays a lot better on camera.
    iPhone photography
    If you’ve tried these tips but just can’t succeed (we won’t judge), maybe it’s time to bring in the professionals. Contact us in the form below to get in touch about our property styling service.

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